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Thread: Strangest thing happened last night

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    Default Strangest thing happened last night

    Ok maybe it isn't THE strangest thing, but it was odd to say the least. I went to bed in a cloth diaper as it was very hot. I don't use my cloth diaper, rather only wear them for their comfort, meaning no plastic pants. At some point in the night I actually ended up wetting....while sleeping. This has happened once in my adult life, when I was piss drunk. I ended up slowly coming out of deep sleep feeling the wetness, but by the time I came to enough consciousness to stop, I was pretty wet.

    I wonder if I had been wearing one of my XP med diapers if I would have not woken up. It felt like I was subconsciously aware that I was wearing a cloth diaper and it could not be trusted. My dream at the time had nothing to do with utilizing a restroom or sensation of urinating. Also the urge to urinate was not present while waking; a very strange occurrence.

    Unfortunately I have no more trustworthy diapers to sleep in to test if this recurs and if it might have been a result of sleeping in a diaper. Anyone want to pitch in a couple diapers? Its for science!

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    Often times if I wet my diaper while I'm asleep I usually stay asleep as long as it's thick if it's thin I wake up before it leaks luckily and I don't have any more dreams utilizing the bathroom anymore. Unfortunately for you I don't have any diapers to pitch in for your scientific study.

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    Did you wet a lot, or just a little?
    When I wet as a child, it was rarely full on. I would have a peeing dream and usually wake up either just before or just after I started leaking. And it was usually a leak or a dribble that would wake me. I seemed to just slowly dribble a bit, not just release.
    I wore training pants and plastic panties, and this was usually enough to contain it. Didn't wear pyjama bottoms as if I did wake up in time, it was still only a50-50 chance I would make it to the loo unscathed and the bottoms were just another layer to get off.
    I remember a few times waking up during the night just a little wet, or still dry, and hurrying to the toilet with one hand squeezing myself through the plastic, and that hand getting warmer as I leaked.
    Usually wore disposables on Friday and Saturday night, as I'd stay up later, be more tired, and wouldn't wake up at all. These occasions would usually mean a full wetting.
    My body always seemed to know when I had a proper nappy on, as it was mainly then that I wouldn't wake up.
    Big wettings in my trainers were rare but not unheard of. I would wet to some degree probably 4-5 times a week

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