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Thread: Thinking of trying.

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    Default Thinking of trying.

    I was thinking of trying out Depends Adjustable and was wondering if anyone has used them before.

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    They're aight. Best store-brand diaper you'll find.

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    I've used them a few years ago when CVS still stocked them. They were kind of like a pullup where you could adjust the fit.
    They've got tear away sides where you can take them off without removing your clothes. Also a dry one can be put on the
    same way. They won't hold a whole lot, but for a daytime diaper there not to bad.

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    Well darn.. I need a heavy absorbent night diaper. I thought those would be okay, but I guess I should have known better. I mean I could use them as a day diaper so I don't end up using all the night diapers. I was thinking of bambino bellissimo or abena.

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    One cheap option I've had minor success with is the 'assurance' brand from walmart. It's not thick, cloth backed, and cheap...which I thought meant it would be bad, but it was actually surprisingly good as far as bargain-priced diapers go!

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    That's what I wear. There plastic back, but make sure you have a tight fit on. They will leak with a big wet. Also the tapes aren't always the best especially in summer. Have fun

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