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Thread: Very Unhappy With My New Diapers

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    Angry Very Unhappy With My New Diapers

    So, I bought diapers today at my local Rite Aid located just down the street from me. When I looked at the weight, it clearly stated 60-120 lbs. I only weigh 94 and it was only $8.00. So I bought them because I thought they would be good and it was cheap. So, I drove home excited and tried them on. When I did, they fit perfectly. However, 20 minutes later, the sides ripped open. Not impressed. :headbash:

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    if they fit perfectly, wonder why they ripped?

    I've never seen adult diapers rated by weight, usually those go by waist size

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    Most likely, it could be a defective pack. =( Adult diapers go by waist size primarily, yes, but sometimes they have small chart (usually on the back of package) composing of their sizes with waist size and weight range to fit in them.

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    by diapers do you mean pullups Rite Aid Tugaboos Overnights Youth Pants/Unisex, Mega Pack, L/XL, 60-125 lbs, 21 ea : overnight because I have some of those they are same as dollar generals and whitecloud at walmart. I can wear them almost all night but they normally tear open sometime early morning.

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    Those are super low-quality diapers. They're not good for much -- I had similar experiences when I bought store-brand diapers back in the day. You're better off trying samples off XP Medical, Bambino, or ABU until you find something you like, then order by the case. Diapers in the stores just aren't that good. Once you try online diapers you won't even consider going back to them.

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