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Thread: My diapered childhood outing experience. Tell yours!

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    Default My diapered childhood outing experience. Tell yours!

    Now this topic bugs me! Every time I read a thread on this topic, the stories told seem to end up being either fantasy or complete BS, or else someone will claim every story is fantasy or complete BS!
    At the risk of being flamed, here is my one and only account of being diapered by my parents when out.....

    As a bed wetting child, I wore either trainers or diapers to bed. Occasionally, if we did a long car trip, I would wear protection when travelling, but this only happened a few times. Only once was I diapered on an outing.....

    When I was about 8, my parents took me to the drive-in for a double feature. This was the mid seventies, and I think it was to see "Herbie" and "Benji." Not completely sure but I think so. Now we had been to the drive-in a few times, but never to see 2 films.

    Usually all the little kids would wear their pyjamas, and play in the playground before it got dark, and this is what I did. It must have been spring or autumn, as it got dark reasonably early, and was a bit cool. I wore my flannel PJs and a pair of terry trainers as undies.

    We got there, and I was straight to the playground where there must of been 15-20 kids running around, most dressed like me. Before the movie started, mum came and got me, we went to the bathroom, and bought some food and drinks.

    We watched the first movie, then there was intermission. I was keen to go straight back to the playground right away.

    "Let's go to the toilet first." Mum said.

    So off we go. I'm about to enter the men's room as before, but she stopped me and told me to go into the ladies with her. I didn't really want to, but she was insistent. She took me to a stall and told me to go, which I did. I was about to exit the stall, but she came in behind me and closed the door.

    All of a sudden I could tell what was going to happen.

    "Pull your pants down." She whispered.

    "I don't need my sleep pants. I'm not going to fall asleep!" I whined.

    "Do as I tell you or we are going home straight away!"

    Well, you just can't argue with grown-up logic like that.

    I pulled down my pyjama bottoms and stepped out of them while grumbling. I went to take my trainers off, but she told me to leave them on! Now that was unusual!

    I stood there, legs akimbo as she pulled out one of my disposable "sleep pants" and fastened it over my trainers. I put my PJs back on and we left.

    I vividly remember the strange sensations I was feeling. I wore trainers with plastic panties or a nappy every night at home, and rarely wore my PJ bottoms. I felt zero embarrassment wearing in front of my parents, and it was no big deal. If someone arrived unexpectedly I would hurry and put pants on, but wearing at home was normal and ok. Apart from some car trips, I hadn't worn in public since I was a toddler. I did feel a bit shy, not sure embarrassed would be correct, just a bit self conscious. At the same time the familiar feelings of safety and security where there.

    We went back to the snack bar, and under the bright lights I convinced myself that nobody could tell. With the benefit of hindsight, they probably could, but what can you do? We returned to the car, and mum said I could go and play again. I was unsure because of the nappy, but she convinced me you couldn't tell. She said I wouldn't be the only kid wearing them anyway.

    So I went and played. Nobody seemed to notice, nor did they say anything. I was looking for any other kid who may be wearing, but apart from the very young ones, 3-4 years old, I seemed to be it. Or maybe there was more and I just couldn't tell.

    Back to the car for the movie. I stayed awake and enjoyed it.

    Once during the movie I needed to wee.

    "I need a wee mum. Can I use my "sleep pants?"

    "Are they still dry?"

    "Of course they are! I'm not a baby!"

    "I'll take you to the toilet."

    "Why can't I just wet in my nappy?"

    That's when dad stepped in and in no uncertain terms told me that mum would take me to the toilet, and I was not going to start wetting my "sleep pants" while I was awake.

    "They're for sleep accidents only. Not for laziness!" He told me.

    So mum took me, helped me out and back into them, and we returned to the car.

    My nappy was still dry when we got home.

    So this is the difference between a true story and a fictional fantasy.

    1. I was not put into diapers for punishment for wetting myself.
    2. Nobody saw me, or at least commented.
    3. There was only minimal embarrassment and no humiliation.
    4. I didn't use my diaper
    5. I encountered no other kids in nappies.

    When you take those common threads out it becomes a bit boring I suppose, but that's the truth.

    Anyone else got any TRUE stories?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soggyboy View Post
    Now this topic bugs me! Every time I read a thread on this topic, the stories told seem to end up being either fantasy or complete BS, or else someone will claim every story is fantasy or complete BS!
    Yeah. I hate it, but I also get it. With the anonymity one has on these types of forums, there's an often irresistible urge to just make stuff up. I try hard to avoid calling people out for it, but sometimes my intelligence is so insulted that I can't. If there really is somebody here who's been diaper-punished in public as an older child, I apologize.

    Anyway! I enjoyed your story.

    Quote Originally Posted by soggyboy
    Anyone else got any TRUE stories?
    Alas not. I was not a betwetter, so most of the times I was diapered by my parents are now beyond recall. In fact, I have exactly one memory of being placed in a diaper -- at age three, for bed.

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    Haha....well thanks for the story. Kids do get diapered in this world. I'm usually open minded to the stories, though as Cottontail has said, some do seem out there, for the very reasons you gave soggyboy. The thing is, if it's a good story, put it into the finished story forum and we'll all enjoy it for what it is, a well told story. Your true account is good soggyboy. I wish I could match it, but alas, I have always been continent, at least since I was potty trained.

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    Very nice, and definitely much more believable than most of the "true accounts" that are clearly written with one hand.

    Unfortunately as like others, no true accounts from me either (never wet the bed / wore diapers past the usual age)

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    Between the ages of 2 and 25, I never wore a diaper. And, unfortunately (from the ABDL perspective), that's probably the most common true account of all.

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    Only story I have is that in fifth grade I was wetting the bed quite often after being out of diapers without accident since well before I was 3. My parents threatened me with diapers overnight if I didn't stop wetting the bed. Despite wanting to wear diapers again since I was 3 this was mortifying. Thankfully before they made true on that I got sick enough to warrant a doctor's visit and found out it was a symptom of diabetes.

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    I can say I remember being diapered as a child...many times...

    I wet the bed at night and still do to this day...

    My mom brought me to many docs and specialists even openly talked about it to the drug store was embarrassing to say the least...

    Now, I've been threatened many times with beatings and no dinner to name but a few...but never diaper punishment...although I was already in no real punishment there...

    I've had many people notice over the years...but it was never a big deal...

    Stories abound...some are embellished some fabricated...some may well be real...I tend to give the benefit to people...

    Remember parents have locked thier kids in pet cages for years...for real!

    My patents locked my door at night all the time...I was and still am an avid sleepwalker...although it wasn't ever a big deal...except my brother teasing me about it all!

    Someone may well have been the unfortunate one to have over zealous parents...

    My parents weren't bad, but in retrospect may have been in the wrong on many things...

    As a pseudo parent (ex had a small one I raised from 1-nearly 10yo)...I see issues I did or didn't do as a my gf has two kids both least mostly...youngest is 20...not sure if that's grown...I know by age 20 I was grown...but that was doing work at 18 in security...I grew up quick!

    So, back on topic...

    I remember being diapered lots of times...and it was just a normal daily fact I can't really pin point the date it stopped...I more morphed into me doing it myself...I know I was diapered by my mom well into middle school...I also have some dexterity issues with fine motor skills...I managed to overcome those in highschool...I know my room was locked at night till we moved...and there was talk of changing the doorknob on my room in the new house...but I was in 11th it was decided to go without...

    I know lots of people can't remember early things...I can recall vivid memories of being 2-3yo...carried on my dads shoulders through the zoo, being diapered there is many memories of that...

    I'm fairly sure most abs have the memories, but they may be skewed/repressed/filtered/obscured by traumatic events later on in life...I feel the ab thing for me is going back and reliving the feelings of youth and feeling cared for...memory is a fickle thing...since my tbi I can't remember most of the day anymore...good or bad...just working on a simple project becomes a scavenger hunt for the items I need/had and now don't know where they went...Luckly my long term memory is fine and working memory is ok...

    Enough of my blatherings!

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    While i have no memory of being placed in a diaper, i do have a memory of being offered a diaper... yes, they offered me to wear a diaper (i am sure she was just teasing with me, but she still offered)

    My little cousin used to wet bed as a kid, we were really good friends and i would often sleep over at his place. He used to wear pajama pants over the but then soon enough he asked me if he could just wear the diaper because that is what he normally did. I said yes and so he did. But one night when he was changing into one his mom (my mom's twin sister) asked me, "do you want one too?". to which i refused. and regret to this day

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    Default My diapered childhood outing experience. Tell yours!

    I was actually potty trained from a really early age (like, before 2 yrs old apparently) and never wore diapers or pull ups to bed or anything after that, except for a few unrelated times as temporary 'replacement' underwear.

    That being said, I have a big family...with 9 aunts and uncles on just one side, and I have tons of memories of cousins and friends the same age as the OP was in diapers from time to time.

    It does happen, just not in the ways portrayed in the nonsense, BS stories that seem to be 90% the norm in ABDL circles.

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    As already mentioned, the anonymity of the internet allows your fantasies to magnified and truth becomes fluid between actual and imagined. You can be who or what you like without reprisal. As Dogboy said, read in the correct context it can be fine. I too am indifferent to whether I think the story is BS or not, as long as it was interesting and well written. I think the whole internet is BS.

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