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    Hi everyone been coming here a while but never bothered joining anyway thought I would sign up and here I am. I'm ABDL in the fullest sense as in I do both adult baby and diaper lover although I'm in the UK so it's called a nappy but I doubt we need a new acronym seen as everyone on the planet knows what a diaper is.

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    Welcome! We have quite a few UK members here. Please tell us what kind of things you like to do in your free time? I'm an avid book reader myself and watch way too much TV.

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    My interests change or at least switch importance pretty regularly but I enjoy art creation in a whole load of different mediums like cooking don't read half as much as I would like the joys of having a young daughter to look after and entertain so spending time with her obviously, building computers although this ends up being a chore more often than not with family dropping of their old dilapidated computers and expecting me to some how speed them up with out having to upgrade hardware.

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    In case you didn't know, we have subgroups here for specific topics. Since you like cooking, check out the Foodies Group.

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    Welcome! Family tech support SUCKS. I remember when building computers was fun for me too. XD
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