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    Hello all, I am sissystephy. I am a sissy by choice and a diaper wearer by necessity. I have always been a sissy, and do not find the word offensive. When I am playing dress up I prefer to think of myself as a boy who likes sissy things. Pink and lavender dresses and outfits with lots of lace, and in satin is a plus. I love rumba panties and petticoats. I also feel a nice pair of Mary Janes completes any outfit. I also have a couple school uniforms that I LOVE!

    As for diapers, I work in a job where bathrooms are not always readily available. I grew tired of having accidents, even though most of the time they were slight. However on occasion i have made a mess of myself struggling to drive to a clean bathroom. So I began wearing. I have found that being diapered makes me relax. However, the down side is that my bladder has gotten weaker and i find myself tinkling much more often, and find i have less time from urge to go now. It may be the diaper or just coincidence, but they have become a necessity. I would not say I am a diaper lover, I would prefer if I did not have to wear them.

    In my free time I enjoy mmorpg's, sci fi fiction, cooking, fantasy novels and ancient history, specifically the possibility that man was once an advanced race that experienced some type of fall that spun us into the stone age. Not saying i believe that to be fact, but i do find the possibility fascinating.



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    Welcome sissystephy! That was a wonderful introduction. I think a lot of padded members find themselves relying on diapers more and more.

    You're theory of man falling backward into the stone age is an interesting concept. You mentioned in your profile you like astronomy. Do you have a telescope? What kind?

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    I do have a cheap refractor telescope. It's not very good. I would love a nice telescope but they are pricey, and so are gaming laptops. If ihad enough money for a nice telescope it would probably just get spent on pretty things. ;-)

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    Welcome! I too enjoy MMORPGs. In the Warcraft series, they have an interesting elder race called the Titans who created a lot of cool things (like Dwarves and Troggs) but then left. Discovering the history of the races and their sometimes falls from the heights of civilization has been a fascination of mine too.
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