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Thread: Help please messy diaper change problems

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    Default Help please messy diaper change problems

    It really means a lot to me if my wife changes my poopy diapers but she's a lil unconfertable about it how do I help her with it because it really means a lot to me please help

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    Please just try to understand why she might be uncomfortable about it..l think that is a good start. I think a lot of folk fantasize about certain things that might even be beyond what our most dearest loves might be comfortable with.

    I would say having her change your messy diapers (if you are messing them for fun rather than medical reasons) is probably pushing it quite far.

    Maybe get her to rinse you down in the shower? It would involve less direct contact than just by using wet wipes (trying to be as little graphic as possible here...!) but at the same time she would technically still be cleaning you up.

    All the best,

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    While I can understand how much it would mean to you, I also think it's probably very difficult for your wife. It's about the most gross thing out of the entire fetish for somebody else to have to face, so keep that in mind. If it's really important to you, you should sit down and have a conversation with your wife where you tell her that having her change your diapers is important to you and ask her how much she's comfortable with doing. If she's not comfortable with it, my opinion is that you should respect her wishes and maybe talk with each other about other things you could do that you *both* would enjoy.

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    It would be great but keep in mind your wife appears to indulge you. I am very lucky to be in my position with a wife who actually gets a kick out of the whole ab thing save what your asking about. You can't always have the full picture sometimes, I would not push it anymore than telling her it something your interested in. If you force the issue she likely won't be happy. The only thing you can do to help is give her time and space with it.

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    As ArchieRoni said, poop is pretty much the biggest hurdle for outsiders as they try to understand/accept us, it's a major ick factor for most people. Be happy she apparently accepts you, and don't push her. Maybe one day she'll change her mind and indulge you, but you're just going to stress her out and risk pushing her away from you if you push this too much. Stick to things she's comfortable with right now, is she ok with wet diapers, or at least diapering you? That's more than a lot of people will get from their partner.

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    If you push her too far, she's eventually going to say no more diapers. And if you continue to make them a priority, she's going to start to see the diapers as an issue and you're going to have to make a choice. Remember, there is no such thing as normal, but wearing diapers definitely wouldn't be normal if there was one.

    If she lets you wear your diapers and stays quiet about it, be content. That's a lot more than a lot of people get. Stick to what she's comfortable with, and make some sacrifices to show that you can meet her somewhere that makes her happy too.

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    There are professional ABDL mommys that won't change messy diapers. If your wife is open to any kind of play you should not push it too far and make sure you are doing something for her in return.

    If you do get to the point where she is willing to try it:
    Have gloves available,
    Get some large sized wipes,
    Trim or shave your pubes,
    Don't squish it around too much,
    and be ready to finish the job yourself.

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