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    Where can I find adult pullups that are made for maximum protection.. do they even make a pullup diaper with the same thickness as a 24/7 or any of the other quality diapers?

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    Pull-ups are, by design, not going to give you the same level of protection as a diaper, and for a few reasons:

    1. People who want pull-ups, by and large, value discretion and an underwear-like look and feel, and manufacturers cater to that.
    2. The flexible shell won't ever give you as snug a fit, so they'll leak far more easily than a diaper.
    3. The shell needs to expand enough to accommodate a wide range of sizes, ensuring that nearly any pull-up will be too small or too big to be effective.
    4. While the pad can be thick (e.g., Abena Abri-Flex, Level 3), it will never be as long or as wide as you'll find in a diaper for the reason detailed in #3.


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    Boots UK rip-off Attends to night-time pull-ups. Yes that's not maximum protection I know but wearing night-time thickness during the day mite B cool 4 you. BMS

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    ..and just to add:

    In my experience putting any booster pad in the adult pull-up in an attempt to gain more absorption tends to make the diaper leak sooner, as the leak guards are rendered less useful.


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    Here's a source you might look into. XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies Gary has Abena Abri Flex pullups. They're available in sample packs
    of three for $6.95 plus shipping.

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