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Thread: Chasing a mythical Abena product

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    Default Chasing a mythical Abena product

    I never wear diapers to work, but I do like to wear pull-ups and pads. My favorite pull-ups are the Depend RealFit, which fit great and perform okay if you only release a little at a time.

    My favorite pads are the Abena Abri-man Formula 2, which are thick and are wider than any pads I've tried. They hold a lot, though they're not cheap.

    Yesterday I stumbled across something new: The Abri-Man Special. Special? I like special. They seem like they're designed for people with fecal incontinence, but that means the pad goes through the crotch and up the back at least a little. That could be handing for wicking.

    The problem is that there is precious little information about this item out there, and I'm beginning to think it's just a renamed version of the Abri-San Special.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?


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    bambino's boost-ups are hourglass shaped boosters that are meant to be placed in the crotch of your diaper and cover a distance both foward and backward, while lessening the impact on the crotch leak guards

    About TotalDry Boost Ups : Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

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    Just looking at the Abena website, it looks like they are the same design, but have different absorbencies and prices. It's strange that one is intended for men, while the other is described as "unisex", though...

    Abri-Man Special
    Absorbency: 2900ml
    Price: 21.60 per pack of 21 (1.03 per pad)

    Abri-San - Special - Premium for Faecal incontinence
    Absorbency: 2000ml
    Price: 12.10 per pack of 28 (0.43 per pad)

    Hope that helps...

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