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    Um... hi.. As you can maybe see, i am Zenka (not my real name, it came from a japanese name generator by the way). i have gone by many names in the past, but since i got a bit more recognized, i don't use my gamer tag on sites like these anymore.

    What brings me here is an interesting story, i found this site when i was 12, it was called, or Diaper boys better, we did have a few girls there but it was mostly guys, i was one of the youngest but they were down to 10 years old and all the way up to 67, it was a nice little community of people, i spent many years there and really liked it.... but... it fell to an onslaught of spammers, every day, every week, the forum introductory had 178 pages of only spams once i checked, not long after, the site was shut down. What brings me here is to hope that this site is anything like that site, i have tried many, (, but none were as accepting and nice as it i hope this one is.

    My other interests are mainly computers, 3D modeling, coding, and playing games, i like to play good old games as well as free online games, but i mostly only play solo because i like the game but i don't really like the people stealing my kills i mainly play Warframe now, play mostly on solo or with friends. I like to write an roleplay a lot, but that is for other sites and i will try not to bring it here with me.

    I am looking for a little place to call home for my diaperloving stuff, hoping that i can stick a while this time at least

    So nice to meet you all, hope i will like it here

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    I definitely hear you about the old games. Some of my favorites are older- FFVII being at the "newer" end of that spectrum, and a lot of stuff from the SNES era. Games are a lot prettier today but that lets developers depend too much on graphics to make a game successful. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be too much stuff on the console market these days after you eliminate sports games and shooters.

    I'm just getting started with coding too. Currently working through a Python course on coursera which I'm going to turn into some independent study credits. My problem is the same that I had with foreign language- if I stop using it I lose it quickly. I don't use coding in my every day life, but in my field it's quickly becoming something that gives you a leg up when competing for a job.

    I also go to Daily Diapers, mostly for the pictures. I like diaper porn. But the community I find much better here because we have good moderation. I got my start on DPF back in the day.

    Hope to see you around more!

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    welcome to the site! If you have had a look around, I think you will find that we are a kind and accepting bunch. This is very much a support community where we do try to support each other. It also has the advantage of being moderated with a reasonably robust registration procedure. I sincerely hope that this site will not land of being spammed as a result. In fact we have Safety Moderators who have a look out for people who should not be on here.

    I am afraid that I am not much of a gamer apart from tinkering a little bit with Oolite as I was a big fan of Elite back in the day (I feel I may have just dated myself horribly).

    Have a dig around the forums and see you can find. it may be that there are some subgroups which would be of interest to you. Just remember that the more you interact, the more you will get out of the site.

    Great to have you here,


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    Well thank you all for your warm welcomes, and as for you AEsahaettr, i just recently got FFX HD remastered, and am loving it a lot, i find it just as good as the original release, well it isn't all that really old, but it came out 2 console generations ago at least..

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    Welcome, Zenka! FFVII was the last game in that series I've played also, though I've been trying to get caught up in the Elder Scrolls series so I can start playing ESO.
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    Welcome back, sort of...I guess. I used to play a lot of games many years ago, starting with an old Intelevision. Went through several generations of Nintendos, etc. and have an Xbox 360 which gathers dust. I just don't have the time to read the 200 page game books just to figure out how I can win at them. Besides, I got into writing books which has been more rewarding.

    Anyway, welcome to the rational site of diapers. I too visit DailyDiapers, but I don't have an account there. Like AE...., I enjoy the pictures and the stories....sigh.

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    Welcome Zenka! I have just joined recently as well, so if you ever wanna chat, I'd love to talk about games of days past. I love the usuals (Genesis/SNES) & the not-so-usual (NeoGeo, TurboGrafix etc.)

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