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    Who has a fascination with hair? What to you is perfect hair, and why do you believe it is perfect?

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    For women's hair, I like the shiny hair you see on TV commercials. Brunette, blonde, red - I like them all! I prefer shoulder length hair or longer. But not too long. One girl I dated had hair down to her waist and it would take a long time for her hair to dry. One time she cancelled a date because her hair wasn't dry. Or was it???

    For men's hair I couldn't care less.

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    My girlfriend's hair is the most beautiful and perfect hair in the history of hair. It's long, blonde, thick and finger-tight curly. Pictures do not do her hair justice. I don't have any pics, but it's absolutely perfect.

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    I like clean hair. That's my number one concern.
    Really it is one of 3 things that will turn me off of anyone being friends or otherwise.
    Clean Hair. Wash it at least once a day if not more
    Clean Teeth. Brush them well at least once a day.
    Clean Body. Clean yourself.

    But for perfect hair:
    For myself: Curly red hair like what I was born with
    For anyone else: I'm not to picky it varies from person to person.

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    My hair; Mid-length and spikey. It's very dark brown and looks black when I'm not in the sun.
    Others; Mid-long length and not greasy or dirty.

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    Cool remake of one of my favorite songs, "Hair", released in 1969 by the Cowsills.

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