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Thread: New asian goodnites! Best ever!

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    Default New asian goodnites! Best ever!

    As if easy open sides wasn't enough, LOOK AT THAT DESIGN!
    That's the kind of thing we would never see stateside. It's shame.

    Huggies Goodnites for Girls L with Easy Open Sides Abdl Full Pack | eBay

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    They are awesome but what size are they. In the states, the smaller sizes have cute designs. It's the xl boys that are non plus.

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    The design is absolutely precious. One I would love to own.

    However, I worry that the "easy open sides" as pictured in the auction may make the diaper less secure. The US Goodnites fit very snuggly on me, as I imagine they would on most adults... And I feel the tension could be enough for the sides to give way. It may be a good buy for a very slim individual, though. Someone who has one hundred dollars to spare on a single 20ct package of diapers.

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    Why is this the "kind of thing that we would never see stateside?" Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinobaby View Post
    Why is this the "kind of thing that we would never see stateside?" Just curious.
    Kids in general, would associate the easy-open sides to a diaper rather than underwear and wouldn't want to wear them anymore, that's why we won't see it on GoodNites in USA or Canada, perhaps the mentality is probably very different in Asia. Its a kind of marketing the product I would say, I think the ones in Mexico tried the easy-open sides also, not sure if they still have them or not, but I think in 2011 or 2010 they tried this.

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