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    So like many I'm finally brave enough to stop lurking. I just wanted to share at the prompting of my wife. She is on here ladyfur. I am very lucky for not only have I found someone to accept me but she supports and enables me. It is like such a large weight is gone from my shoulders. To have zero secrets is so relieving.

    We haven't done a stupid amount of stuff. Still getting used to the actually diapering process, that can be better with more practice! She did get me a cute pair of shortalls and ironed on some cool patches. A dragon a d20 and more.

    Things are great and I feel very lucky!

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    Welcome and congrats on having an accepting spouse! I see you are into scifi - books, movies, TV or all of the above?

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    Yeah all of the above works well.

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    Welcome to the site and yeah, you are lucky. I like scifi books and movies as well. I write stories and they are always in the scary genre.

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    Welcome! From the dragon and d20, I'm assuming RPGs but which ones do you play? Do you have a regular group going?
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    Not now. I work when my group meets. I like d& D 3.5. Want to try 5th.

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