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Thread: Finally felt brave enough to join :)

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    Smile Finally felt brave enough to join :)

    Wow, this is weird. I've never communicated with any other abdls before
    I'm 21, and a little girl (I feel like there aren't as many girls as boys but the few that I've seen on tumblr and stuff are super inspiring !!). I'd say m "little age" is around 2-3 when the mood strikes me.
    I have a wonderful boyfriend, he isn't part of the community but he is very understanding.
    So yeah, hello!! I'm so glad I finally joined & I'm so thankful for this helpful site :3

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    Hi there Littleleogirl, welcome to Adisc! It's always nice to have some new perspective, and I hope you find some inspiring people of both genders to talk with on here.

    We like to know a bit more about people beyond just their ABDL interests (but no personal info), so why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Have any interesting hobbies, or into any sports, TV, videogames etc.? Anything you're especially interested in discussing here on Adisc?

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    At the moment I'm pretty swamped with work/trying to get back in to school. But normally, when I have time, I love exploring my city, shopping, colouring & doing puzzles with my grandma, going to theme parks, and dying my hair funky colours!! Haha
    I'm always nervous about going in to too much detail in case someone recognizes me @[email protected] but yeah, hopefully that fear will go away after a while of talking to people on here and becoming more comfortable with who I am

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    Welcome to the community. Run!

    Am I joking? Only time will tell, :p welcome to ADISC. ^_^

    OK I'm curious, when you say you're a female are you referring to being an actual female? Or transgender? I ask because the community has very few actual females (that I know of) and transgenders seem to be more common with ABDL. Sorry if that's a bit personal and seems a bit rude...

    So how did you come about ABDL anyways?

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    I am 100% female !! & yes, I know that there aren't very many of us, which is partially why I was somewhat hesitant to join.
    I've always been drawn to diapers/baby things. I remember trying to pin my doll's diapers on myself as a child. It probably had something to do with having a rough childhood/being the oldest sibling of three (the other two were always babied & I was always expected to be a 'big girl' and take care of both myself and my brother and sister).
    This past year Ive really started to embrace my 'little side' although I probably still have a long way to go in terms of accepting myself and not being so embarrassed/shy when it comes to all things abdl

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    Don't worry I don't think anything bad is going to happen because you're a female, not here anyway.

    And strange, I remember trying to pin my sisters dolls nappies on me when I was tyke. XD

    And being the older of brothers and sisters and a rocky childhood is commonly linked with ABDL (not so much the DL side). Myself, I have been there too and am the youngest of seven.

    And yeah the whole "acceptance" thing is a rough road, it will come when you stop fighting it.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I was the same as u for years in fact I didn't even know that abdl was such a big thing. For me it was nite to talk to a few ones about this kinda stuff and I found I could open up a bit more because I was talkin with some I would prob never meet if ya know wot I mean ( I'm not very good at explaining myself lol)

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    Hi and welcome. There actually are a number of women (females) on this site so I think you will feel both safe and at home. We are well moderated and are a support group first.

    For what it's worth, I was an only child and adopted as well. We come in all shapes and sizes, different backgrounds, some with good childhoods and others who have been terribly abused. Somehow, we all share this same desire. We are the great unexplained.

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    we are certainly a diverse bunch on here, but we are nothing if not welcoming. I have been on the site for about two months and have found it to be a very safe place. There are quite a few females on here including some partnered up with other users. There should be plenty of people here for you to talk to. Have a hunt around the forums and you should get a feel for some of the topics of discussion. The best way towards accepting yourself is to dive into some of the discussions and realise that apart from our somewhat specialist "interests" people on here are, on the whole, pretty normal people.this will certainly help with your shyness/embarrassment.

    There really is no need to feel shy or embarrassed on the site. Being an ABDL is not wrong, does not hurt anyone and is rather benign. I am not an AB but actually find the concept rather lovely.

    The good news for you is that you have the Internet and sites like this to help you. Many of the older users, including myself, went through a long periods of self denial and binge/purge cycles all of which is not healthy.

    The key is balance. Being able to accept who you are and indulge when it is appropriate that interact with the rest of the world on their terms most of the, for instance last night was one of the site institutions "Sleep in Diapers Friday" or SIDF (you will find a full explanation on the Diaper Talk Forum). As such, I indulged in a shared experience with many of the other users here and slept diapered. On the other hand, that was the first time that I had indulged in a week. I have gone through periods of bingeing and wearing constantly for a few days it is time and certainly every night and then the shame kicks in. What I think I am pretty close to achieving is balance. I will wear occasionally when I feel like it but, not all the time. When I do not feel like it, my stash is put away where I cannot see it and it does not bother me.

    Anyway, I am rambling little bit. So I will just say that you are very welcome here and that we will do our best, as a community, to support you. As has already been said, this is a moderated site so if you run into any problems click the report button.

    All very best,


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