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Thread: Am I the only one who actually likes depends?

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    Default Am I the only one who actually likes depends?

    I know they have a bit of a bad reputation around here, but I'm actually a fan of depends. They are my go-to "babyish" diapers when I'm feeling too little for goodnites.
    They look just like baby diapers on my bum and are nice and comfy. They're mostly plain white except for the green band on top.
    So basically my question is, why all the depends hate??

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    It's all about the low capacity. I think Protection with Tabs are decent enough as a comfortable, discreetly thin diaper. I don't expect it to hold more than a single wetting, and maybe not even that if heavy or sitting. Still, they have their uses for me and I like having them around as part of a balanced stash.

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    Back in the day when I was in high school, Depends were all I knew. I'd always had a pack of them in my room. When the grocery store 2 blocks from my house introduced a slew of self-checkout registers it was like the gates of heaven opened and invited me in, and no more did I endure the embarrassment of buying in stores.

    Eventually I became better acquainted with the Internet though, and discovered there are better ones out there. Bambino had just come out with their Bianco design at this point (when they still had the blue waistband), and needless to say I was instantly hooked. I still bought a couple cases of Depends on the web after that point, but now that I've tried nearly every diaper there is out there, from European premium brands to every AB diaper available in America and abroad, I can't imagine going back to Depends due to how little they hold. But if you're someone who's accustomed to department store brand diapers, they're the best there is.

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    The Depends I have bought here, (Australia) seem to come in 2 styles. There are probably more, but I don't buy very often. I've probably only purchased diapers about 8 times that I recall, and they've only ever been Depends. I've only ever bought from a chemists shop, and they don't seem to stock "premium" brands.

    They first style are like a large plastic backed pad, that doesn't have sides. It obviously goes between the legs, and is held together by a piece of elastic with 2 buttons on it on each side. My experience is if fitted properly, and standing up, it will handle a decent wetting. But if worn for a while, or sitting down, it doesn't stay tight around the legs and is prone to leaking, sometimes a lot.

    I like the feeling of it, and the ability to wet heavily while upright.
    I don't like the way it will move around over time, or it's ineffectiveness when seated. I also wish they had full sides with an elastic waist making them look more like real diapers.

    The other style I've bought (once) are the pull up style briefs. These were a blue cloth material with a padded crotch and rear.
    I found these comfortable, and liked the pull up style. I never had pull ups as a kid,have never worn them, but would love to. I even wore the Depends brief to work one day, hidden under boxers, and found it comfortable.
    The down side was they don't handle a medium to large wetting very well.

    I got the impression that they may be great for stress incontinence, if you're prone to squirts leaks or dribbles, but not very effective for even a short sustained release.

    I really want to get some actual full sided nappies. Nappies that look like nappies, and will hold up as a nappy should. I'll have to go to a medical supply store I guess.

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    When I first got into wearing, I only saw depends and thats all I thought existed. So I liked them at the time but then I discovered Attends and Tena and liked those alot better.

    Now I've moved on to Abena, Molicare, Dry 24/7 and hopefully those Comficares from Europe.

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    I love them.. The soft white plastic outer.. The cute green accent color on the elastic... Just wish their capacity was 3 times better :-)

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    We don't get them here, but for me they're appealing I guess in that they can easily be obtained and they have certain... connotations. For the first thing, the idea of my CT picking up an extra pack of diapers from the store for their little girl is appealing: it normalizes the whole thing, I guess. I'm just a little girl who needs diapers, and look, we're buying them right now, okay, on to the vegetable aisle.

    The second thing is more about my own imagination and interest in roleplay-type stuff. Depends = inexperienced DL picking up diapers for the first time, sneaking their contraband past parents, padding up and regressing for the first time. Or, it could be about a couple who've never done diaper play before dipping their toes into the water with a cheap pack of drug store diapers. Or a teen who's having some embarrassing wetting issues who decides to take things into their own hands by buying some protection. Ultimately, depends (and other drug store brands) have connotations of 'newness', of exciting first steps into a new world (either of diapers in general, or regression). This is exciting to me, and is a reason why I'll always have a place in my heart for the cheapy drug store stuff.

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    Well, I personally like being wet and I can get there a lot quicker in a Depend (protection with tabs, not any of the other kind). If I know I am going to wet a lot then I may wear a different kind of diaper but for just everyday use, I like them too. I remember the first time I wore a Bambino - I was really frustrated that I couldn't get it wet enough, quickly enough!

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