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Thread: Arguing skills

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    Default Arguing skills

    I would like to improve mine, since we have teenagers, we always have suicide threads. So, I would like to propose, yes, another one. Sorry. However, in this thread, I was wondering if you guys could give reasons why it (it being suicide) would be a bad idea, and then I can retort (hopefully logically but possibly not) and destroy your argument.

    Is this a thread that is possible? Or will it just fail and burn? The only challenger to my idea(s) was Chromos, and he got 1 shot past me that I couldn't block, but other than that he was my only challenger. (Sorry families of Astronauts.)

    I'll see how you respond to my first post, and if need be I'll fix my OP.

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    Suicide a bad thing nah..

    But seriously if you want a good argument against suicide let me think.

    Assuming that heaven and hell do exist then committing suicide is bad because you would end up in hell and be tortured for the rest of time.
    Assuming there is no heaven or hell well you would be ending the only chance at life that you have therefore it would accomplish nothing but to end you forever rather than get you out of your present tribulations.(I think that is the correct word.)

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    Killing yourself would make me you want to see me cry?

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    1) There is an afterlife.
    2) When one dies, one experiences the afterlife.
    3) Life is full of positive experiences.
    4) You have no guarantee that the afterlife will be good.
    5) Suicide would cut life short.
    6) Therefore, one should not commit suicide as the afterlife will be experienced anyway, but you can still have all the positive experiences of life first.

    Or in other words: Don't move to Canada if you've not got the most out of Michigan yet!

    This also works if there's no afterlife, in fact it makes sense if there's no afterlife.

    Plus there's arguments that suffering is a good thing, although it's not that good.
    In fact:

    1) Life has good experiences.
    2) Suffering makes the good experiences feel better when suffering is over come; like how water at room temp feels hot after you've been out in the freezing cold.
    3) Therefore enduring the suffering is ultimately worthwhile as it amplifies the good.

    Hmmm, or:

    1) If one suffers, one becomes a better person.
    2) Becoming a great person is a justified meaning of life.
    3) Staying alive will let you suffer.
    4) Therefore you should stay alive to become a better person

    Obviously 2) is debatable.

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    It is a bad idea to post suicide threads on "teh Interweb" (as the kids call it) because Nanny States and Soccer Moms everywhere would call for its demise. Then I'd have to get my smut somewhere else.

    And pay for it.

    Best. Reason. Ever.

    Oh, and also you should go by fire. Lest we have to tuck into Soylent Alex later. *blech*

    Aw, screw it, I'll bite for real.

    This is a bad example of a thread to improve your argumentation and reasoning skills. Simply because most of the defenses are going to be based on either emotion or faith. I suppose that what we're left with is either a Utilitarian vantage point (it's a bad idea by extension), a vantage point that says you belong to the larger society / your social network (via their investment in you), and one that suggests you could help someone in the future.

    For an actual argument, it'd be interesting to wrangle a point around on the forum by arguing both sides. Anything that is an appeal to emotion, an ad hominem or ad absurdium(?) attack should be stricken from the thread. The remaining three lines of argument in pages of post would be very interesting to read, perhaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timby View Post
    What is wrong with reductio ad absurdum arguments?
    Must ... not ... demonstrate (I kid, I kid).

    Typically these misconstrue the thrust of the argument or its supports to its own end. Hence, you've shifted ground and are no longer arguing the same point.

    It's not sporting. And it does not further the original argument.

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    Ok, I think I FINALLY understand the premise of the thread and might have an argument of my own.

    First and foremost, suicide is an irreversible decision; one cannot change their mind about killing themselves after they have done it.

    Second, there is no guarantee that life will continue spiraling out of control forever. This is especially true if you want it to stop and make the eventually will (not that it will be easy or pretty; it'll be hard and ugly most of the time). But I've always gone to bed with the understanding that tomorrow is still coming.

    Third, if you think about it hard enough, taking your own life is basically about the most selfish thing you can do (sorry for sounding cynical).

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    Suicide is a mortal sin by most religious standards, you do it you go to hell, GG.

    If you're an atheist, well life sucks now doesn't it? Oh well, guess the whole non existing after death would be better, eh?

    In short: DO IT <CENSORED>

    (I swear if someone bitches about this post, given the thread is 'fake'...ffs)

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    Just don't "argue" like my brother. He constantly extols how he's such a magnificent debater, while also admitting that the only thing he's good at is provoking people. That's because he is in fact so terrible at logical debate, you just want to punch him for being so ****ing stupid.

    On the suicide issue, he'd probably take an approach ala Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, when he "dealt" with his crazy cell neighbour.

    I on the other hand, would beg the suicidee to take out his provocateurs with him.

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