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    I was disappointed by a major leak in a confidry last night so I looked at my notes and thought I'd share. I occasionally drop a ziploc on a fish scale before tossing in the bin, to see what capacities diapers have. Here's what I've found so far, in actual use tests, not Crazy Contraptions drip/wringout tests etc you see on youtube.

    I'll skip the boring stuff about how I measured. Suffice to say I get an accurate measure of a dry diaper, and in the morning it goes into a gallon ziploc, and before it hits the trash sometimes I will hook it on a fish scale. In all cases it was strictly an on-my-back wetting capacity. The far front is typically dry. "safe full capacity" is when the "water line" reaches the top back of my padding but does not leak.

    - Cushies (plastic) Medium 23 oz
    - Teddy Large: 32 oz
    - ConfiDry Medium: 36 oz leaked out the back top, assuming ~32 oz capacity
    - Absorbency Plus Large 4: 40 oz
    - Dry247 (original): 48 oz

    The numbers aren't intended to be accurate by themselves, this is more for comparison between diapers, percentage-wise. I'll try to fill in some more soon.
    - ConfiDry Large should be equal to medium, only the shell size changes
    - Fabine Large needed
    - Bellisimo (original) Large needed
    - AwwSoCute Large needed
    - Abriform Large 3, Large 4 needed
    - TotalDry Plus Large

    feel free to send me others to test

    It's Interesting to see a LOWER capacity in the new ConfiDry. They have adjusted the sap ratio so it wicks much better but has lower capacity before leaking. Also swells up much less. The bambino are like the original 247, with a lot more swelling and much poorer wicking. The ConfiDry do have a few things going for them though, the best standing leak guards I've ever seen, and very low clump, wet or dry.

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    Thanks so much! Everyone that has a scale can weigh ans post brand and size so we know what we need. Also might be nice to have boosters, pullups and such on the list. Also baby diapers would be great. Then we just calculate how much we drink in 24 hrs subtract how many oz we had during day time and add a few for a safety net. Next step is to find the cheapest combo that meets those numbers for night time and daytime. We can be scientists for pleasure and economy.
    Now, when I wet at night, I sometimes do not know when it is about to leak. I usually wear plastic pants and only know if it leaked when I take it off.

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    Interesting - Very Interesting - - -
    The capacity of a diaper when worn is much different than when weighed or measured on a static scale.
    Laying a diaper out flat say in a bath tub and soaking it will result in the maximum absorbing capacity.
    Measuring fluid retention for diapers while worn presents unique problems.
    When worn only the bottom (crotch bottom) is effective in absorbing fluid and unless one lays down
    that remains pretty much the limit. Exceeding the limit results in leaks or fluid displacement in a or the
    diaper cover chamber or leakage outside the containment area. There will be some degree of capillary
    action of fluid up higher into the diaper but this is a very slow action and would be hard to measure in
    a short period of time - longer and the results can be distorted with fluid evaporation.

    Increasing the ability for a diaper to hold more has resulted in several methods such as absorbing pads;
    a second or third diaper with holes punched in the crotch bottom; a simple Turkish type bath towel or
    wash cloth; etc. Only cloth diapers that do not fall apart or disintegrate like disposables are suitable for
    fluid retention capacity tests on a meaningful level.

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    Mine leaked this morning. Maybe I am supposed to check the leak guards before I go. I have noticed after two months of wearing I tend to flood a lot more and leak because I am more relaxed. No more little spurts.

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