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    does anyone else collect abandoned soothers (dummies / pacis) that they find in the street? Well I do, I occasionally find them while walking the dog, although haven't seen any in a while.

    Well, just last week there has been a huge fair (biggest in Europe) called the Hoppings near me and I pass the site every day on the way to work. I had some spare time yesterday before work and I went to the site (called the Town Moor, its all grass). I'd had the idea for a while, and yes I found 3 straightaway on a 15minute walkabout. Also chatted to a couple of metal detectorists looking for coins, apparently there's quite a few coins that aren't even buried in the soil, theyre just in long grass.

    Anyway happy hunting to anyone who tries this - plastic gold!


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    Occasionally I do it as well, it's something that has stuck with me since I was little,when I didn't have the courage to buy them. Nowadays I guess I do it because of the thrill of getting caught, but I usually throw them out after a couple of days

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    I don't think I've ever come across an abandoned paci, much less collected one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Do you use them or just collect them?
    I usually just collect them, unless they are big sizes / nice designs. I completely sterilize any I pick up though in case I or anyone was ever tempted to try them!!

    Anyway, pity I ran out of time yesterday, as I was leaving the moor, an army of council refuse collectors arrived and had shifted most of the rubbish. A short repeat visit this morning was fruitless!

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