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Thread: Introduction Post-Hello Everyone.

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    Talking Introduction Post-Hello Everyone.

    Hi there, I'm Chris & I'm happy to be here.

    I came to ADISC because I love the ABDL/Regression Community that I have started to become acquainted with over the last few years.

    Outside of the ABDL community, I enjoy cooking & making small independent films, which I usually like to write myself. As for cooking, I hope to make it into a living as it's made me happy since childhood to make food for others. Other interests are the usual you might have yourself: Reading, Video Games, etc.

    I came here & to sites like this one in order to not only learn more about the subject that has piqued my interest since High School, but to also learn about the community itself, and of course make some friends along the way, as I'm sure most of us would like in life. My interest in regressing to a more innocent state & being carefree has always been a part of my coping with daily life, but until my late teens I was never aware of such a large group of others that shared my thoughts & interests.

    Anyway, I better wrap it up as this *is* just an intro I hope to talk to many of you over the course of me exploring the site.


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    Thank you for the great introduction. You are very welcome here.

    If you have a look around the forums you will find many discussions which will help you find out about the community. If you also have a look in the Groups section you will find some groups that may be of interest. There is certainly a group for film buffs and one for foodies.

    I also think for most of us it came as quite a surprise that the community is as large and as diverse as it is. Certainly, I went through my childhood before the Internet existed and pretty much thought that I was the only one. How wrong could I be? Now, I am a member of this wonderful and friendly community.

    I hope that you enjoy your time here and make some friends,


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