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Thread: BAMBINO diapers back in stock

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    Default BAMBINO diapers back in stock

    I have nothing else to say but HI!!

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    OP's got it right, Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

    MEDIUM and large are both in stock. xl are still on backorder. They claim to be a "new and improved" padding also.

    no, they still don't have Small. Probably never will.

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    Thank you so much for this info!!! I just ordered samples

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    If anyone tries the Bellissimo I'd be curious to know how they perform. I bought a case awhile back when they had the upside down taping sale and I must admit I am severely disappointed. I've worn diapers at half the cost that absorbed more and fit better. On me at least they've consistently leaked. Color me skeptical.....

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    I just bought a variety case!! I have tried the teddy before! Will keep you posted!!

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    I just stocked up with several cases. I am not running out again

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    I'm going to hold off and see if the tapes are positioned back closer to where they were originally. I'm not a huge fan of the bikini cut fit of the prior batch.

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    I saw there Twitter post as well.
    Time to order a case or 3 ^_^

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    Oh, it figures! The day after I order from North Shore, Bambino gets restocked! How irritating is that?

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