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Thread: Oh The Life Of A Diapered Princess (Newbie)

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    Default Oh The Life Of A Diapered Princess (Newbie)

    Ohhh the Life of A Diapered Princess"
    ""My Big People Side'"
    First of all thank you for visiting my page.. By day I am just you average 19 year old .. I work full time and taking dental assisting courses online and maybe later planning on becoming a dental hygienist.
    Class.. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and I am also a volunteer firefighter.. who would of guessed!

    "My Toddler Side""
    When i am not stuck acting big and doing big people stuff I transform into a bratty toddler.. I love stickers, crayons, and GLITTER!! LOTS OF GLITTER.. anything pink and anything hello kitty... I am a 2-3 year old who requires alot of attention and affection .. I have a pie (paci) and a nini (blankie)

    Wanna know more add me or message me.. Just a headsup if you creep me out I wont message back or accept a friend request

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    Welcome pamperedprincess93! A volunteer firefighter? That's awesome! Do you get a lot of calls where you're at? Besides crayons and glitter do you have any other non-AB/DL interests?

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    Welcome to the site. Looks like you should fit in well around here.

    Aside from being a volunteer firefighter (exceedingly cool) do you have any other hobbies and interests?

    I hope you enjoy your time on the site,


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    Welcome! Volunteer firefighter is a hard (and often thankless) job. How did you come to be doing that?
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