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    How do you think kids should potty train? How old were you when you trained? I was eight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GolfCub View Post
    How do you think kids should potty train? How old were you when you trained? I was eight.
    8??!?!?!?! I wish I was 8 I can't even fully remember being in diapers/pullups at all. Tho I have some memories where I had to of been in them(I was potty trained late 2 or early 3 I think).

    As for age kids should be trained I don't know, what ever age they are ready i guess.

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    Wow. I would figure your parents would have run into issues with schools not letting you attend due to still being in diapers. I know that's a common problem with troublesome potty training. I probably was 3 or 4. I know it was around that time because my mom put me back in diapers one night because I had horrible diarrhea. I remember waking up in the middle of the night having to go pee badly and paced up and down the hall not knowing what to do (I didn't know how to pull the diapers off). Ended up having to go potty in the diaper. Then the next morning my mom almost forgot I was in diapers, so I had to wait around until my brother was off to school. I'm sure this experience mixed with being a regular bed wetter (at least once a week or more) encouraged the desire for diapers.

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    I think I was potty trained at age 2 or 3 but I remember my mum would sometimes make me wear pull ups if we were going on a long journey, around the age of 6 and 8.

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    Funny, I'm still working on it. I know that typically, kids become potty trained at age 3. That was the age ours achieved it. Usually, parents will take their child into the bathroom and ask them if they need to go. Then they'll sit them on the potty chair and hope for success. It takes a long time, but kids eventually figure it out.

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    2 or 3? I honestly can't remember that long ago, and believe me, I usually have excellent photgraphic memory.

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    It took so long because of my developmental disabilities. I've never been reliably dry at night. I also have poor vision, FAS, and nystagmus. Despite all that I still excel at my job and tournament golf.

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    I was potty trained at 16 or 18 months. I have an older brother and we are 11 months apart. My parents decided to kill two birds with one stone and potty train us both. I remember wearing the white goodnites till age 6 or so. I also remember at age 8 my best friend was a bedwetter and his mom made me wear a goodnite anytime I stayed the night.

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    i was capable of Toilet training by 5 but was not out of diapers till 11 and pullups by 14. (i had emotional Complications that prevented me from actually useing a toilet) my brother was trained at age 4 but still remained in pullups 24/7 till 6 and since then and still today at 9 he is as needed + Bedwetting. my son was fully trained by 3 but still wears after an accident and 24/7 on weekends (i forsee him being in them for a while yet its a Peterson male Curse. my grandad wet bed till 12, my dad till 13, myself till 16, my brother is still going at , so i forsee pullups in the boys future for quite some years to come.

    but for my personal opinion there is no set age to potty train, anyone who has been around and or raised multiple young children know that Children are ready at diffrent ages, say there are Hypothetialy two kids same birth day and year one could be trained as young as 2 the other cant control their Blatter till 5 it really differs from kid to kid. kids are not one size fits all no two kids are even remotley alike.

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