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Thread: The Breaks of Being Little

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    Default The Breaks of Being Little

    When I first joined this site in 2010 being little was just an everyday occurrence. I didn't even try to be little, it just happened whenever the mood hit. But as the years have gone by its become harder for me to go through and stay in that mindset for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

    I'm not really upset by it, but I'm wondering if I'm growing out of it. I still have my childish ways about me, but I no longer have to be little to feel happy. Or happier. I still identify as little but I also identify as so many other things in my sexual and nonsexual identities.

    So to stop this ramble, do you take breaks as a little? Or have you grown out of the mindset completely? Is there anyone out there (like myself) that have found it almost unnecessary to go through that mindset?

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    For me it's like an alter ego, it's always with me...part of me, and I can allow it to play when I want....of course some times it has a strong mind of its own lol. Mostly though, I guess I just learnt how to carefully keep it in its place when I have to which is way too often. Being adult has all kinds of privileges, except it seems, being free to be yourself. Haha

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    I think this can be part of the binge/purge cycle. I can go for weeks with little interest in being ABDL and then several days or weeks, where I am very much into it.

    As long as you are not being forced to give up being little, I would just let it play out as nothing special and see what happens in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    I think this can be part of the binge/purge cycle. I can go for weeks with little interest in being ABDL and then several days or weeks, where I am very much into it.

    As long as you are not being forced to give up being little, I would just let it play out as nothing special and see what happens in the future.
    This is the first thought, but this was addressed in a thread several moths ago. The binge and purge cycle is part of the self-loathing and shame aspect. But once one gains understanding and acceptance it turns into an "Ebb and flow" cycle. So I find that I go through weeks were I do or don't wear and it does not bother me. Then There is time (like I am in now) were I have a lot more desire to wear and then I need to look at what is happening. Since the kids have gotten out of school I do not get 2-3hr blocks where I can regress with out concern and fulfill those needs.

    So It would not surprise me that you do feel this way, but I also would not be surprised in a point down the road that you are just as active again.

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    I go through binge\purge cycles .. There's days I want to throw all my things away and be done with it all .. Then I have days I want to be little. I think its normal to want to switch back and fourth

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    Growing out of it? Never, that's simply not possible. ;)

    I'm dramatizing, of course there are times when you're simply not in the mood. When you simply have that much other stuff on your mind so it is like it's gone for a while.
    Anyway, of course you may lose certain aspects, since you simply change a bit in time. Especially transitioning from early adulthood into later years may change you a lot, or not, depending on the experiences you've made. But as you already said, if some of your character traits is having some childish ways about you, they will not all vanish into oblivion. They may change a bit, you may find other things interesting or letting your trigger that kinda behaviour. And at some points you may have a lot of trouble remembering how it is due to different circumstances, be it whatever it is that is keeping you more focused. So that you cannot even "hang out" in little mode, or your alter ego that's a part of you, for that much time... since that's simply forcing it, which usually doesn't work that well.
    I wouldn't even call it necessarily a binge/purge cycle. Although it may be that way for some, but if it's simply a basic and inherent part of your personality, where you may get sick of it perhaps sometimes, but in the end it's how you are, it's you all in all.

    Furthermore perhaps your little side could also be a bit bored? Figuratively speaking of course. If it's just all the same all the time that you're trying to enjoy due to your certain characteristics it might become boring after a while. Hence it can be hard to tease it out. Forcing it is impossible anyway.
    Also, since you're a woman... and that goes also for sex or any other activity you might want to enjoy. If your stress levels are through the roof it doesn't work. For women, all of the ducks need to be lined up in a row, and if they're tired and have too many things on their mind, anything special that has been planned is going to be far down on the list.
    That goes for any active part of following that desires. Hence for any passive part, perhaps it's simply that deep down in your overall behaviour, so you're not able to pin it down if it's really not there at all. Since as already said that it's just a part of you. And that's why you're basically happy, and not feeling sad about it somehow.

    Those last two are something which I experience the most. If things are not working the way that I want them to, or if other tasks keep my mind occupied, then... at the end of the day there is no time left for my little side. Even sleep is more important, since I want to be relaxed at first. I need to prepare and finish everything else at first that has been first at any given time, and this can sometimes take a lot of time, but then I'm able to do what I want again, since nothing is bothering me anymore. No ruminations or blaming myself that I should've learned at first, or finished any project or anything else.
    Secondly, sometimes I'm not able to recognize directly if I'm somehow a quite playful and a bit childish, especially when being with people I know very well so I feel relaxed and can let down my "guard".

    The main question is, I'd say, if you're happy there's nothing to worry about.

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    I sometimes getting tired of my kink, so there's nothing to do, just only take a rest and switch off. Kink always returns.

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    For me, the Little within me is a small part of my overall personality. I have short periods where my Little is predominant but generally she is a voice in the back of my head that just influences how I see the world and how I approach issues. Some days I feel more girly than others, some days not at all. You can probably tell where she was when I picked my avatar! She is not around today yet I feel quite comfortable with my avatar despite being a middle-aged bloke.

    In my case, it has taken me quite a long while to come to peace with my Little. She waxes and wanes but there is no binge/purge cycle she turns up when she wants to and presumably does her own thing when she does not. There are also some long periods where she does not turn up at all and I wonder where she has gone. At one point, she did not appear for nearly a year. Part of me was actually quite glad about that because I was still struggling with that part of me. Most of me on the other hand really missed her.

    Now I am rambling too. What am trying to say is that there is a natural cycle to these things. So long as you are happy with who you are (as someone else has said) there is no problem whatsoever. One thing that I can say is that it is highly unlikely that this is something you grow out of. These things tend to be permanently part of your personality and will appear and disappear sometimes at the most inappropriate moments!


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    My little side is actually a part of my real-life self, and thankfully, I can get away with it a lot more because I don't take it past a certain point, so my friends are fine with it and my parents don't care (at least, they didn't when I've had private dialogues with them).

    Sometimes it comes out more than other times. Like if I'm stressed or whatever... which has been a whole lot lately.

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    As egor said, it has become an ebb and flow for me as well.

    I have been an ab/dl for just over a decade and come through many cycles of binge and purging to the comfortable position of acceptance I enjoy now. My baby self is often predominant in my day to day going, because she is an invaluable part of my self-concept, "me" - but she can, and has been, pushed to the wayside when I need to be an adult. When I was in college, for example, I did not have the time or mental energy to indulge in the regression I had in the past, so I had to "grow up". I did not feel little in any significant way for a long period. Stress will do that to you.

    Periods of lesser and greater interest in all things is very natural and normal, I feel, and just another part of being a dynamic, multi-faceted individual.

    It is not rare to hear of ab/dl who "separate" from their baby or diaper desires, only to find they crop up again years and even decades into the future. For many people, ab/dl is a trait that truly cannot be "gotten rid" of. But who is to say? As long as you are happy with where you are, in the present moment, then everything is okay.

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