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Thread: London tourists don't need diapers!

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    Default London tourists don't need diapers!

    Yeah, so the last years when I toured London, I made sure to wear a diaper. We all know how difficult it is to find public toilets in foreign cities (and countries), so I figured I'd save myself the time and hassle of looking for a public toilet (and paying money for it, as it's often the case in my own country), and just wear a diaper.

    But as a dumb tourist, I was too stupid to find the proper information to tell me where to find toilets in London. What brings on this sudden realization, you may ask? Oh, I was browsing the website of Transport for London today (the company that manages all of London's Underground services, buses, trams and some trains), and found a "Toilet Facilities Map on the Tube". I'm not kidding: Go to their official website and scroll down: Maps | Transport for London

    So this map tells you everything you need to know about toilet facilities on each and every London Underground station:

    For example, there are toilet facilities at every single station on the Metropolitan Line (the purple-brownish line going off towards the top left). Even Warwick Ave station - the station Duffy was singing about in her famous song of the same name (one of the most popular songs of 2008) - has toilets, although those aren't mentioned in the song

    And the map even tells you where the toilets are:

    as some of them are located inside the fare-paid area (i.e. you need a ticket to get through the barriers to use the toilet), while others are located outside.

    So, no need to wear diapers any more for tourists in London - just keep the Toilet Map in your pocket. I'm sure every Londoner has one!


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    Well, I'll be damned, it wasn't a joke after all...*prints the map* never know when destiny takes you all the way to London.

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    I thought the lack of adult diapers in shops in the UK was to do with the NHS and stuff. Now I know it isn't that. Everyone in London (and so, cynically, the rest of the UK) just uses the toilets around the tube. Though they fail to realise how much more fun can be had out of some good quality padding. Well, all the more for us, if you can get it!

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    Even so, I have only used a public toilet once, and I will never, ever do it here again, let alone a foreign city. So I still think diapers would be the best option regardless of how many public bathrooms there are

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    Tube maps are so damn pretty. I need to travel on the tube one of these days.

    Also, I'm actually shocked by how few toilets there are. I just kinda assumed they'd be a toilet in every station.

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    Hey - I'm in London right now.

    That would have been useful except that I am leaving London tomorrow, to return home.

    Although I've generally kept myself in a diaper (actually nappy since it is England after all), there's always the time you need a diaper change and your hotel room is miles away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack26 View Post
    Tube maps are so damn pretty. I need to travel on the tube one of these days.
    You should! Take a ride during rush hour and you'll be very close to very many of your fellow countrymen!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack26 View Post
    Also, I'm actually shocked by how few toilets there are. I just kinda assumed they'd be a toilet in every station.
    Harhar...over here, subway stations don't have toilets. And if they did, you'd have to pay for them!


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    Wow, how very English.

    If I'm reading it right, men can break their journey for a 'rest break' at Baker Street, but women have to go outside the ticket barriers. Okay for tourists with travelcards, but an extra charge if you're using Oystercard or single trip tickets.

    The tube map is a glorious thing, but given that it only bears a passing resemblance to geography, not many of those toilets are in the centre of London. Still, there are many more than I knew about/thought possible so, kudos to Peachy

    Jack: the tube is a wonderful thing and a magnificent engineering marvel of the British empire - as Peachy suggests, you need to pick your times as to when you can enjoy it as such. (Like the British rail network it suffers from being the first.)
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