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    Default Life is good

    I have a great month coming up, my house mate has gone on holiday, and I'm on holiday next week,I have the whole house to myself, which can only mean one thing? It's nappy time!

    I've ordered a whole stack of nappies, Comficares x 2 bags, Depends waistband style x 1 bag Absobency level 4 x1 bag Easy slips x1 bag, Kolibri comslips x 1 bag San seni boosters x 2 bags, Besanna night diapers x 1 bag, Kolibri basic x 10 nappies, plus a new changing matt and pacifier plus my remain stock of 15 various nappies, so in total I have 135 nappies to get through.

    Expensive business this AB lifestyle!!!

    But it's going to be great fun!!!!

    Happy diapering guy's !!!!!

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    That's a lot of Nappies, better drink lots of water then Lol

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    Hahahaha, Yea I've got my work cut out with that lot, never spent that much before on stuff , but thought it's my holiday so why not, you only live once!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robbase View Post
    I have a great month coming up
    You so need to do Diaper Challenge #1, ie no #1 in the potty, for the entire week, no exceptions.

    Put those diapers to good use! and have fun!

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    Wow. That's nearly 10 diapers a day if you want to use them all in a week.

    Sounds awesome. Enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    You so need to do Diaper Challenge #1, ie no #1 in the potty, for the entire week, no exceptions.
    Diaper challenges? I don't think I've heard of these.

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    I've never done a diaper challenge before? I'm aiming to go 24/7 while on holiday, so the big boys toilet is going to be out of use! It's going to be fun trying that out as I've never tried it before.

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