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Thread: Hey from Virginia.

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    Default Hey from Virginia.

    I've been aware of the site for a while now but was never a fan of going to a large number of sites. Let's see, I started as a DL 6 years ago and have been a TB for 3 mainly out of necessity. It's a lifestyle for me, I wear 24/7 and am often in baby clothes at home. Most of my friends are aware of it as are my parents. Still live at home with the economy the way it is. Just taking a break from community college. My need for such a lifestyle is to keep stress in check and control my type 1 bipolar disorder when nothing else comes close.

    Aside from being a baby, I enjoy working with my hands, usually welding or machining in my shop. However I also like building computers along with gaming, but I don't care much for the software side of things. Let me know if you all have any questions.

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    Welcome from another Virginian. I'm in Lynchburg, a ways away from Midlothian. This is a great site as you know, and of course, there are a lot of helpful and sympathetic people. I have friends who are bi-polar, and I know it's no cakewalk. I guess you are lucky that your diaper wearing is accepted at home. I wish you the best.

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    Yay Virginia God you're so far D: (I'm like 2 hours north)

    Dogboy: you're even farther from me...3 hours D:

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    Yay, another Virginian. We're taking over! Welcome.

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    Welcome! Im also from Virginia, I live in Chantilly, 45 min from D.C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubble_gum View Post
    Welcome! Im also from Virginia, I live in Chantilly, 45 min from D.C.

    You're more like 30min from D.C. You and Kittiechan are the closest to me...You can pretty much get to me with one main road ...

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    There's definitely something in the Virginia water. Water in, water diaper.

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    I wonder if anyone can figure out what city I'm in based on the clues I've given on this thread...If you do want to guess, then PM it to me, because I'd rather not be displayed on just any thread :3

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