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Thread: ...ever get lonely?

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    Default ...ever get lonely?

    I realize that ADISC is not to be used as a tool for personal ads or relationships and that isn't the intent of this post.

    But... do you guys (or girls) ever get like really frustrated about how damn lonely it can be as a DL (or ABDL)? I love ADISC a lot and it's great to have all of you to talk to etc. but it's weird for me because either

    you all live so far away from me or

    you're all like 15 years older than me at least

    I have friends in real life that I hang out with often, don't get me wrong... but none of them know, and I don't want to tell any of them (except one maybe... but probably not and that's a story for another thread).

    I just want a real life friend that I can share this with, you know? I'm sick of keeping it to myself sometimes. I just sucks that it probably won't happen. The online community is great but sometimes I just want more.

    so, yeah... thoughts?

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    I feel for you,
    It's like you want to share with a friend who gets you. And it royaly sucks.

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    Yes I do at times. But it is not just for AB/DL stuff but in real life also.

    But I have my network of real friends that I can talk too when I am feeling that way.

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    I made a post about this a while back. It gets extremely frustrating to be AB/DL and not have a single person in your life that you feel you can trust the information with. At one point I longed for an AB/DL friend so bad that it was almost heartbreaking. Many folks here on ADISC are fine people, and it would be a true pleasure to get to know any of them in real life, out from behind closed doors.

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    I can understand this. Since my wife knows, if a diaper comment is made on TV, like by a comedian or in a sitcom, I can make a comment, or she will and we have that opportunity to share. It allows me to express my little side to some extent. I hope you all find someone because it is nice.

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    I suggest trying fetlife. ADISC is a great place to chat and get advise but not a great place to find munches, parties and other real life activities. See if there is a local or at least Provincial ABDL or Littles group. If there is not you could start one or find some more general fetish groups.

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    For some reason it doesn't bother me. I hope one day I'll meet fellow DLs but it's not on my bucket list.

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    it could be much worse, you got your health and your youth, get out and meet new people, try things like fetlife for munches, and don't be afraid of us old people, we can be very nice. I get lonely but Im stuck in the desert at home without transportation or a lot of friends that live near by.

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    I love FetLife for connecting with other ABDLs. There's a local munch and non-sexual playdate once a month, elsewhere in the city is a NOT so nonsexual playdate once a month as well. Met some people, had some daddy and mommy play with some friends I met, had diapered gaming nights at my place and had fun. Also good places to connect and trade resources. Mommy-Friend is also a little sometimes but never done diapers, she's a bit bigger, but the local munch made it easier for me to buy some Molicare's L off someone for her, since I only have Mediums.

    ...Yes, totally series about diapered gaming nights.

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    I joined Fetlife but it seem keep going nowhere so I left. I do have dreams to socialize with other DLs someday. Also, living in a small city where I am well known... even to the point when I can't go out without being recognized by someone. Also I worry too much that I wil be recognized on Fetlife and embarrass myself. So, yes I do know how you feel.... I get lonely sometimes in that aspect.

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