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Thread: Accident on recliner

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    Howdy guys!

    For a lot of unforeseen circumstances, one of my roommates and I found ourselves crashing at my parents' house for the past two nights. They know I have a history of bedwetting, but don't know that it's come back since I had moved out of their house. Long story short, I had a massive leak when sleeping on their recliner last night.

    Now the room we were sleeping in is a bit out of the way from the rest of the house so the likelihood that they'll pop in while I'm cleaning it nil, so I'd love to be able to clean this up for them so they don't need to worry about it.

    Usually what I do is spray a white vinegar/ water solution when this happens on a mattress but I was wondering if there's any other things I should consider because this is a recliner. Money's not really an issue, so if you have any suggestions on any products I should buy to get this sorted out, I'm all ears.

    Thanks everyone!

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    You might want to get some disposable underpads or bed pads to use while there. They will absorb any leakage and prevent it from
    getting on the recliner.

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    It was on my list of things to grab and slipped my mind when I had to quickly grab supplies.

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