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Thread: Diapers saved my life

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    Default Diapers saved my life

    It's more of a short story than anything. So, when I was an actual baby, about a year and a half old. My parents and I were with a bunch of carnies going along the American East Coast.

    My mother tells me that one day, when we were in the tour bus. I was leaning onto the door and almost fell about 2 1/2 feet to the ground. Which would've been head first. Lucky me, lucky me, lucky me. My mother managed to grab me by the back of the diaper right before I fell and I got away with just a ding from hitting the edge of the stair at a relatively slow speed (no bleeding or such)
    Thank you Pampers!

    Have there been any incidences where diapers have saved your life?

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    I thought busses had an interlock so they can't move when the door is open and it wouldn't make sense to defeat it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQwertyParable View Post
    Seems very unlikely in my opinion.
    Never say never.

    Nappy saves toddler's life - Telegraph

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    My nappy saved me from a string of nails, thankfully of all the padding nails barely sank inside the cotton preventing me from getting Technis (Can't bloody spell) They weren't sharp but I tripped over my bed and out of nowhere there was 3 nails sticking from my floor I have yet to fix. I did get poked but without the nappy they would have went straight inside my butt.

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    I recall something like this happening when I was young, probably to a cousin (there were a hell of a lot of them).
    But that would have been a cloth diaper. I'm not at all sure I would trust my baby's life to a paper diaper in a situation like that. (But you bet I would grab whatever I could.)

    Great story. Don't try this at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Experiment626 View Post
    I thought busses had an interlock so they can't move when the door is open and it wouldn't make sense to defeat it.
    Well the OP said that this happened when he was an actual baby. Those interlocks might not have existed at that time though I am not sure when they started to become widely used perhaps? not to sure but that could be the case.

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    I doubt it as he is only one year younger than me but the bus could be older than the requirement or it could have been defeated.I would do it in a heartbeat since it would be a great way to get fresh air.

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