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Thread: How do I stop from sweating in my diapers?

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    Unhappy How do I stop from sweating in my diapers?

    Whenever I am wearing a diaper, I sweat alot more than usual in that area, and it gets to me because it trips my wetness indicator and then the effect isn't there when I use my diaper for it's intended purpose.

    Are there any methods that I can use to minimize sweating in my diaper?

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    Baby powder works well, either that or thinner diapers.

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    That's what I was going to say.

    Also, it looks like you're a newbie! Can you take a few minutes to tell us more about yourself: Your likes, dislikes, hobbies, fav diapers, fav paci, etc.? Welcome to the site!

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    Try the clothback diapers... they breath compared to a plastic back..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Themanswifesman View Post
    Are there any methods that I can use to minimize sweating in my diaper?
    Powder only helps so much. It's really only good to stop you from starting to sweat, by helping your skin to breathe. I apply talc under the left and right wings of my diapers after taping up, because the unpadded plastic can really suffocate your skin and lead to sweating, itching, and pimples. Corn starch is typically softer (better mechanical lubrication, for down below) but has a slightly lower ventillating effect. Corn starch is better for skin that is already irritated. Neither works well on damp skin - for it to work the best your skin needs to already be dry. Either can over-dry your skin and lead to eccima (not fun) but talc is worse for that. If you get eccima, switch to lotion to rehydrate your skin. Once your skin GETS wet, through sweat or other means, dry powders have NO effect.

    Next is avoiding thick diapers. Imagine how much your hands would start to sweat if you wore gloves all day. Your skin is going to overheat and sweat to cool itself. Thinner diapers provide less insulation and won't heat up as fast. (regardless of type - cloth, plastic, clothlike)

    Physical activity will cause you to sweat all over your body. There's really not much you can do about that besides avoid padding up when you are expecting to be doing physical work. Your shirt and jeans may keep your skin from getting too damp through evaporation, but any diaper is going to block that evaporation and lead to buildup of sweat.

    Taping on your diaper too tight will cause sweat buildup for a variety of reasons. Try taping your diaper a little looser.

    If you can't avoid your diaper getting sweaty, the best thing for you to do is probably to either not wear during those times, or change once or twice during the day. (find a way to dry your skin when changing!) I've been able to be diapered about 24/7 for awhile now, including at work. I don't change there, but I wear a thinner diaper with good leak guards (to prevent skin rubbing) and I take a potty break around noon and top off the talc down below and on the sides of my hips. Those little travel size baby powder containers are very handy for use at work, they slip easily into my pants pocket before I head to the bathroom. My diaper is normally trashed by the time I get home and so I change then, tho it's often a bit damp by then, the drive home can be quite a relief

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