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Thread: Would you feel comfortable being changed by a member of the sex you're not attracted to?

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    Default Would you feel comfortable being changed by a member of the sex you're not attracted to?

    This is just out of curiosity:

    If you're a straight man, would you feel comfortable having your diaper changed by another man? Gay men, what about a woman diapering you? The same question goes out to women (with reversed gender roles, obviously).

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    I think it would be interesting to be diapered/changed by another AB/DL woman.

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    While I would certainly take up the opportunity, it would be much less pleasurable than being changed by a woman. But, ya know, beggars can't be choosers!

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    Im bi, have no real preference, only been changed by a girl once, been changed by a guy a few times, and I've changed other guys diapers, have never had the chance to change a girls diaper.

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    Was changed by a guy in the hospital. Not a big deal. Perhaps uncomfortable, but it's uncomfortable no matter who's doing it.

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    Simply. No.

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    Yeah, no problem.
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    Never had the chance to experience this ever I would say women only Not comfortable with men at all I am fully bladder incon

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    I'm not sure if i'd "want" to be changed by a guy. I'd try it out, but it'd have to be platonic. A son and a Dad-type experience.

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