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Thread: Happy Canada Day!

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    Default Happy Canada Day!

    I just wanted to say Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians on this site, and to those who wish they were Canadian. This country is 147 years old today. I live in the nation's capital so it's a big party in the streets today to celebrate (I'm off to join it).

    In spite of all my bitching about the weather and the current government, I feel truly lucky to live in a country known for its universal health care, legalized same sex marriages, unobstructed access to abortion, multiculturalism, and a relatively strong economy in spite of the recent recession.

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    Happy Canada day.

    Enjoy the fireworks tonight and have an awesome, fun day.

    Did anybody see Chris Hadfield's latest song about Canada? Very cool. Check it out online

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    I'm late to the party, but Happy Canada day to you Canadians! Shoutout to mah homies in Vancouver, BC.

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    Two thirds of my family are in Canada, north of Perry Sound. Happy Canada Day!

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