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    Hey hey. Interesting to see I'm not the only one to use that greeting title. When I use it in real life, I'm usually just met with a confused stare.

    I am a... person. I'm curious and dedicated, and I sometimes spend hours researching a random topic that might interest me one day. I am usually very calm, I do not like to start fights, and I usually try to mediate between sides. I am a perfectionist, and I do not accept mediocrity from myself. I have a great love of wit, and a frequently dry and grim sense of humor. I try to convey this through text and speech with... varying levels of success. If I say something weird or offensive, most of the time it was an attempt at humor, and I will swear to you it sounded funny in my head. I promise, I actually know how to be normal, but I find it boring.

    I have had a fascination with diapers and training pants from a very young age; I can confidently say before I was seven. For almost as long, I have had a fascination with being a girl. Mixed in, I have also had fantasies of becoming younger and regressing. My favorite type of diaper is pull ups, and my favorite fantasy is of becoming a little girl, usually between the ages of 3 and 10.

    I'm a college graduate, and I'm going to start grad school soon. I have a great passion for video games, and talk about them with every opportunity; I consider my favorite games to be works of art. I am also a bit of a film buff, but I do not watch as many movies as I would like to. I'm a pretty big nerd, and enjoy a lot of the typical nerdy things, from trading card games to Star Wars to Dungeons and Dragons to Doctor Who to Firefly to Mass Effect. I am very ambitious. I have a plan for my life, and I make sure to meet my goals before anything else. I am smart enough to reach them, and therefore I do not accept failure or mediocrity in myself.

    My gender issues run pretty deep. I wish I was a girl, but I am not and will not transition. I do not think it would work out well for me. Furthermore, it would alienate me from my family and ruin my future plans. As such, my gender has caused me frequent distress throughout my life, once I was able to truly understand. I have spent my whole life suppressing my emotions and tendencies in order to "be a man", and it has caused me to appear very cold and aloof. I know that I would be a happier, healthier, more likable person if I were born female, or if I suddenly became female. Still, I constantly debate my gender, and can never resolve whether I am "legitimately" transgendered. Are my feelings real? Biological? Am I crazy? Is it just a fetish? I doubt I will ever have an answer.

    Anyway, I came here to see others with similar issues to myself, partly because of the great interest I have, and partly because I want to feel like I'm not completely insane (still, wouldn't just want to be normal; I like being a little crazy). I apologize if this greeting was a bit of a downer, I'm normally much more cheery. I swear! But, I felt like I should be pretty real in the greeting. Anyway, enough of that fun stuff! So, hello to everyone!

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    Welcome FallenDown! That wasn't a downer of an intro to me. I found it quite interesting. You seem to be a very deep, interesting person. "Normal" is very boring. I share your sense of humor - what I find funny will often get met with an uneasy smile or a "Uh-huh" followed by an awkward silence or the person moving away from me.

    As for your gender issues, there are many here who feel like you do. I will defer to them to relate to you but I will tell you that it is a common theme among several members to have doubts about one's sexuality.

    Have fun here. Don't be afraid to jump into the conversations and please start a few threads of your own. We're here to help and enlighten!

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    Welcome Fallen Down!

    Sorry for taking so long to get round to welcome you. That really is one of the best introductions that I have seen.

    As to your gender issues, I really can identify with them. I am male and have been married for a long time. My wife is aware that I have a fairly well-developed feminine side and that I am in touch with it. What I do not normally admit to (other than on the site) is that I have fairly well developed fantasies of being a teenage girl. Indeed, I have long thought that if I could start over in a new body I would choose to be female.

    Some time ago, my wife and I took a questionnaire at one point which put us on a feminine/masculine scale. I scored well into the feminine scale while she scored into the masculine scale. Realising this actually resolved some of our issues about household roles but only went to underline to me that my feminine side is not to be denied.

    As to whether I am someone who under different circumstances would have transitioned, who knows? Actually, I doubt it. Unless the circumstances of my upbringing were substantially different and my family was considerably more liberal, transitioning would never work for me. So, here I am, undoubtedly male but with a very strong feminine side. And yes, I have had mental health issues in the past, not specifically to do with gender issues however I do not think they helped me any. So, in short I can identify with what you are going through.

    As to having had your feelings and interests towards diapers for some time, this is far from unusual on this forum. In my case, I have probably had such feelings for 30 years before I was able to act on them. In my case, I am old enough that we did not have the Internet to refer to so I have rather assumed that I was pretty much the only one and a freak. So I spent much time denying that I felt that way. On the other hand, when I plucked up courage to look at the Internet I found my way here, and I have to say the net result is that I feel a heck of a lot better about myself. I have made friends who have common interests and have been through much the same journey as I have.

    So this is the long way round to say that your introduction was far from a downer but actually very useful to somebody like me who can see that there are other people out there going through the same thing that I have gone through.

    You should find this site very welcoming and a safe place to explore these issues. Feel free to send me a PM at any time. I am not on the site every day but will respond as soon as possible. we are here to support you.

    Welcome to the site.


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    Bit late but greetings but welcome! A lot of what you said reminds me of myself with a few tweaks here and there. This place will be good for you as it has for me and I am looking forward to seeing you around.

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