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Thread: Super Bowl Shout Out!!!

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    Exclamation Super Bowl Shout Out!!!

    Allright, shout out your favorite to win the superbowl! Who will it be? Ravens, Steelers, Cardinals or Eagles???

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    I don't know any of them...I don't watch sports...I'll just pick a random team when I find out who is going, and I'll watch it

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    Ravens! I mean, look at the avatar. Go Ray!

    That's a favorite, of course -- but in truth, I believe the Steelers have the most of what it takes when it comes to solid playing to get there. Arizona, Philadelphia, and Baltimore were all lower-seed teams that I don't think anyone much expected...

    ... but hey, I can dream, can't it?

    I'll be rooting my balls off on Saturday! Go Joe Flacco, and go Ravens!

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    boo! have more faith in your boys! HAHA. flacco is gonna stomp the steelers!

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    Honestly? I think they really could! I'm so happy they've gotten this far, though, so I certainly can't complain! And I definitely have faith! I've been wearing my Flacco jersey around like a jacket this week (even though I have to wear formal clothes to work)! I'm so psyched for the Steelers to get a mudhole stomped in them this weekend!

    I just think that numbers-wise (and we all know that numbers can be wrong), the Steelers have the supposed best chance and are highest odds... but I hope Roethlisberger gets slammed!

    Lines, do you know if they're doing a showing of the game at M&T Bank Stadium I know a few years ago, they broadcasted one of the playoff games there and you could go and watch. I would love to go just to be a part of the atmosphere!

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    do you know if they're doing a showing of the game at M&T Bank Stadium of the game
    Dude! That would rock if they did! I'm planning on watching the game with my friends in Canton.

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    If I hear anything, I'll let you know! I would love it if they did -- I'm definitely going if they do! Otherwise, we're having a big get-together in Bel Air and watching on my bud's screen there.

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    Ravens over the cards. but it will be close

    Edit: congrats on 100th post jayschares

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