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Thread: Does anyone have info on cuddlz

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    Default Does anyone have info on cuddlz

    I want to buy some but idk I want to see from u guys if there any good or if there is a better brand
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathfelder105 View Post
    I want to buy some but idk I want to see from u guys if there any good or if there is a better brand
    Sorry Trathfelder105 not exactly sure what info you may be after but here is my experience with cuddlzs, being new to buying ab/dl items I have only really ordered from cuddlz just due to the fact that they had the items that appealed to me I personally have had no real issue with them. I will say that the snaps on a onesie I had ordered were broken but a replacement was sent out and got replaced and all was good. In the way of diapers I have found them to be quite good and comfy as some other may also say the capacity may be a smaller than other diapers not 100% sure on that tho someone plz correct me if i am wrong in anything(again have only really worn the all over print cuddlz diapers and tena slip maxi's). They were quite quick to respond to the messages about the onesie and have just recently made another order with them hope this helps in some way if you would like some more info then just try get in touch with me and Im sure other people will be able to help a bit more/give more in depth experiece and knowledge of there products.

    Also I guess it depends on what you are looking for in a diaper the prints, the capacity or if it cloth soz if i am not reading your post properly just trying to give as much info as i can in the hope it may help :S

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    Default Does anyone have info on cuddlz

    Thank u has anyone had good or bad experiences with cuddlz all over print disposables diapers how absorbent they are how thick and how they feel at what point do they leak are some questions I would like to know any other info would be helpful
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    I've ordered almost all of my gear from, including a new changing mat last night! I've never been disappointed with what I've received except for some disposable diapers. The tape can rip the diaper up pretty bad when you try to undo them. Now I get my diapers elsewhere, but for ab/dl accessories and clothing, I ALWAYS go with Cuddlz.

    I've seen lot's of comments about how people are always unhappy with them and I always wonder what they are on about :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trathfelder105 View Post
    Where do u go to get your diapers
    I get mine from here:
    Incontinence products discreetly with 24hr Delivery |

    It's a pretty good site with discreet packaging. As you can see there's a lot of choices. The only problem is that they don't sell diapers that have babyish prints on it which is a shame. I'm still searching for a site that sells good adult diapers with a baby print on it, but no luck yet. Cuddlz sells them, but as I said before they can rip very easily.

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    I ordered some cuddlz nappies and they were great.They were comfy and nicely padded and also the absorbency was good.Also the tabs are very good and don't bust.I would recommend cuddlz nappies although they may be too expensive to wear 24/7.

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    The tabs are good, yes. A little bit too good actually. They are so sticky, that when you put them over the plastic front, undoing them can rip that plastic part. It pisses me off because I have to adjust them to make them tighter when I stand up, and that can damage the diaper if I'm not too careful.

    You CAN undo them without ripping anything, but you have to do it really slowly and carefully. That's my only beef with them. Other than that problem, they're great! The pullups are good too. And so is the all-in-one washable diaper.

    I bought some a while ago now though, so maybe they've improved by now.

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    I have a Idea for your situation PQNY take some scotch tape tape it up the stand up and the tape the diaper tabs

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    I can recommend the Cuddlz All-Over-Printed diaper. The prints are fairly cute, the quality is really good and the absorbency is reasonable. They're a bit more expensive that other brands but I suspect it's simply down to economy of scale.

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