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Thread: Has anyone ever called you out on wearing diapers?

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    Default Has anyone ever called you out on wearing diapers?

    Other than being caught by people you actually now (family, friends, etc.), have you ever been called out on wearing diapers?

    Even though I do wear in public, I make sure that I don't publicly flaunt it a lot. Therefore, my story is more about being called out while shopping instead of being spotted. I was at CVS and brought a bag of adult diapers to the checkout counter. I was the only in the line, and there was a middle aged woman checking me out. She started to ask "are these for you" and when I answered yes, she followed with "Do you have to use them often?" I answered again with "Yes, because of incontinence". I could tell that while giving me my change she was trying to see if I was wearing right then (which I was).

    Maybe it stands out because I was caught so off guard.

    Anyway, whats your story?

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    Yes, one time I bought from a drugstore, and the receptionist asked "Are these for you"?

    I answered yes, and he gave me this weird look.

    Haven't went there or bought from there since. This was going back 7 years ago. It was a pack of Tena Super.

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    It's really none of people's business, i hate hearing story's like the above. Check out my items, ask if i found everything okay, and let me leave. I'm glad i'm ordering from online, now.

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    I started out with buying drynites pullups from stores and I never got questioned or recieved a funny look. I always had a story to tell incase it happened, but it didn't. I would have said 'They're for my brother/sister', but thank god I never got to say that.

    I was having a horse riding lesson one time while wearing a diaper, and while I was trotting I could have sworn that my instructor saw what I was wearing, and I heard a couple of giggles. For days on end when I talked to her she wouldn't stop smiling. I wanted to question her but I decided to let it slide incase it made things awkward.

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    I've only had to deal with this once.

    I was stocking up at London Drugs. After I had payed for two packages ($4.99 each!). I realized what a fantastic deal it had been, so I decided to go back inside and buy more. The same cashier who rang me through was restocking the incontinence section when I walked back into the aisle. We made awkward small talk, and I could tell he was checking out my waist. He was another student-aged guy, so it was kind of embarrassing.

    He chuckled when I reached for a package of depends, and so my first instinct was to say "I was stabbed in the pelvis during a mugging outside a club! ...if you're curious". I have a gigantic scar from an old operation beside my bellybutton, so I lifted my shirt a bit to "prove" my point.

    He immediately stopped laughing and apologized. I don't know what made compelled me to respond like that, haha, it definitely wasn't rehearsed.

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    i went into a med sore once 2 buy tena pads for my self as i used to little drips from time to time. anyway i walk in and ask the guy behind the counter do you have any tena 4 men level 1. he asks says he does understand and he is only covering for some one and would i like to wait. i spelled out tena and then he understood and asked were they for me and i said yes. he asked did i wet when i sneeze . i said some times. then showed me adult diapers and then he said their for more severe problems and then i say i just want tena 4 men level 1. he gives to me and then i left. havent been back since.

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