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Thread: Stores for toy planes

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    Default Stores for toy planes

    I'm trying to look for model's such as these. / Aircraft such as Airbus's, Boeings, and McDonnell Douglas aircraft.

    But all I get is weird ass helicopters and floating bi-planes and the retarded disney planes which I do NOT want. I tried Toy's R us, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and I just haven't received any kind of luck Does any one have any ideas on where to get these because I don't want to revert to and spend a fortune. Planes I gotten in the past were like $5.96 but amazon are selling for $32.99 which is outrageous.

    Store suggestions please?

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    I don't know about where you live but I know there are collector conventions - toys, Hot Wheels, collections, etc. Not everything at those conventions and shows are antiques and you might be able to barter with them.

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    I used to put together plastic models as a kid and was shocked when I went to toy stores looking for army models like jeeps and tanks. The stores don't carry them any more. Apparently, kids only play with their Ipads and X boxes. They don't do anything constructive. I couldn't even find plastic glue.

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    Hobby Lobby is a cool store if there's one near you. Or I see you can order online.

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    Your best bet sometimes is to find a mom and pop store that deals in only planes, trains, and autos.

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