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    hello all you netizens out there.

    One thing i've always love to do (OTHER THAN DRAW)is sing. And trust me I've always done it even when I was three and couldn't talk i would still be humming. I've entered loads of contest even don a few auditions. American idol( never made it pass the third round)JYP (eliminated 1st round) even cube entertainment( SECOND ROUND). Some failures bigger than others but one thing it taught me was that i need training. I wanted to know if anyone here would be willing to train me.Or at the very least be willing to hel me learn the basics.

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    There are so many things to know when it comes to singing. Main 3 things that I think of are Proper Breathing, Vowel and Consonant annunciation, and Posture.

    Firstly, you should always do some warm-up exercises before doing any kind of performance. You want to loosen up your vocal cords and relax the muscles or your face(your jaw). Everyone has their own types of warm-ups like just singing up and down the scale. How you decide to warm up is completely up to you given it is a proper exercise and suites your vocal range.

    Now lets talk about posture. Your posture plays a huge roll in singing because it can effect the way you breath and the tone you produce in singing. Here is a video I just randomly found that explains everything.

    Now onto breathing. When singing you always want to breath from the diaphragm. If you don't how to do this or even what a diaphragm is here is a video that gives a great detailed explanation.

    Another exercise that was suggested to me by a chorus member was to try laying face down and breath. He told me for some reason when laying face down the body actually corrects it breathing habits and breaths from the diaphragm.

    I mentioned Vowel and Consonant annunciation but this part you may have to research on your own. I can't really find a way to describe this area for you right now nor do I have proper examples. This part though should be best taught in person from a vocal coach or anyone with a music background(Director, Music Teacher). Hope some of this stuff helps ya.

    --Side Notes--
    All of these things I have mention are all knowledge from personal experience. I am a Barbershop Singer and have been singing in this field close to 5 years. I have sang, and been taught by many great professionals throughout the years and have learned a lot from them.

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    Back straight
    Chin down
    Feet shoulder length apart
    And open your ribcage.
    That will give you support to hold on to the notes. If you are in college take a vocal training class it will help

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    At Westminster Choir College, we took a physical approach to singing. Beside all the good advise from above, remember that your body is your instrument. The better shape it is in, the better you will sing. One of the things I had to do during my voice lesson was lift one end of the piano off the floor while singing. I used to hold a box of hymnals straight out while practicing singing, such as scales.

    I like singing up five notes and then down, singing on pure vowel sounds such as yah -yah-yah-....etc. The Y of yah will help drop the jaw. You want to sing with as much space in the mouth as possible, and at the same time, enunciate the consonants. Even Pavarotte said this was difficult for him.

    Two other things have really helped. When I sang in a band, 20 years ago to just a couple of years ago, I would practice singing through my sound system, listening to myself through the monitors. I could make vocal adjustments to change the sound. The other thing that has helped me is sleeping with a CPAP machine. I have allergies, and the machine has opened up my sinuses.

    When one sings, one strives to have an open sound, with the sound from your vocal chords resonating in your sinuses. If the sinuses are stuffed up, you can't develop the overtones necessary for good vocal sound.

    There's so much more to singing, but that would take a book and five years of lessons.

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    Always warm up before performing. Always.
    Don't overextend your range for long periods of time; this causes damage.
    Learn proper techniques for special vocal feats (like screaming).
    Don't have soft drinks, juice, or anything of the like while singing. Cool water is just fine (not cold/ice water though).
    Enunciate and breathe/exhale properly.

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