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    Curtsies, my name is SissyBabyPet. I am male, but I live and dress as an adult female. I long thought and beleived my self to be a mtf Transsexual. However, that was not the case, later on in my life I discovered the true nature of who and what I am today.

    I am long time contributer at sissykiss. I also compose my own music and share my work on YouTube. I went to a special school for children with learning difficulties. I learned that all people with learning difficulties not to be all exactly the same as each other. Often people think wheel chair bound as soon as mention being learning disabled. That is a huge misconception, there is this too about Sissies and Adult Babies alike. Though I hope not to be the only one to notice such a thing.

    I am here to extend my knowledge of being a Sissy and an Adult Baby both and to meet others outside of sissykiss, as I do not assume or expect all Sissies and AB's to go and be members there. My love for wearing nappies and frilly plastic pants began in my teen years that came and went, but the feelings and thoughts of needing to be like a Baby girl never left me and have been with me since the age of 6.

    I write stories mostly, some though not all of them, I have posted at sissykiss. I do not work, due to being a long term sufferer of mental illness. I compose music like I have said, I have been doing that since 2010. Though I have been playing electronic keyboards since the age of 8. I make 3D models using SketchUp Make 2014. I like playing RPG Games, mostly on my X-BOX 360, watching DVD's or TV Shows.

    I am looking for anyone. who can relate to how I feel, with similar interests to me. I like all things pink and frilly, the frillier the better, in mostly dresses and plastic pants. Apart from that, anyone really I would like to get to know, make friends with. I like to meet and get to know every different walk of life to further open my already open mind and to learn more than what I already know. One can never really stop learning, that is what life is all about.
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    Welcome and thank you for a splendid introduction! Since you're a story writer, please check out the story section here if you haven't already. There's also a sissy section in the forum, too!

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    Welcome to the site as well. I think you'll find a lot of what you are looking for on this site. You gave a very good introduction, by the way. Well done. I too am a keyboard musician, holding a degree in organ performance. I have three different Korg keyboards as well as several modules including a couple Kurzweil modules.

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    Fank you Zipper for the welcome, much appreciated. I will check the story forum sometime, when I can. Right now, I'm having problems with tenssion headaches that really is preventing me from nearly doing most things. Though not all, that said, doing anything is very difficult to do because fothe pain cauased by the tenssion headaches.

    Fank you also Dogboy for your welcome. much appreciated too. It is nice to find a lovely site like this one. 'The more one meets new people and see new things, one will experience more in their life time than one would by going fishing for fish alone.' (Quote) My own I hope. If it has been said by soemone else, then I can't and won't take credit for it. Hugs to you both.

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