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Thread: Withdrawal Symptoms - # of days

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    Default Withdrawal Symptoms - # of days

    Does anyone every feel like they're suffering nappy withdrawal symptoms? I do and I think they're genuine (I say this as I know some withdrawal symptoms can be 'phantom withdrawal symptoms' or mistakenly self-diagnosed). I'm sure I fall asleep better in them (quicker as well even if I've not had the world's best day) and don't pull it off easy when my body is minus them.

    Coming to the number of days (or nights if I'm going to be really honest) (or something different - see below - you're not forgotten (you know who you are)). After about three nights without nappies I am finding myself burdened with a hollow feeling (odd right - yes perhaps nappies are my drug though can you imagine going to a un-positive drug specialist and explaining your story? Issue for another thread me thinks), one that disappears when I return to 'tabs-and-plastic'. So, everyone out there - do you suffer nappy withdrawal symptoms? Have you? Do you think you will? How many days, nights or days and nights can you go without? I await answers! bringmesunshine

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    I do not think it is withdrawal symptoms as it can fit into two categories. The first is the Binge and purge cycle before self acceptance, and ebb and flow after self acceptance. The second is a habit reforming thing.

    When I first joined the group I was wearing very devotedly and had to stop because of a surgery. I was having a very hard time not diapering. But now it is simply a desire to wear if I need too.

    SO I think it is just a matter of what your wearing habit is and personal desires.

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    I have never had withdrawal symptoms from lack of wearing.. Interesting though.

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    The only time I can't wear is when we have family members visiting and staying in the house. Usually I cope because I know it will end soon. I do enjoy wearing at night, and it helps me sleep. There's a feeling of being safe and sound, like when you were very young.

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    I don't think withdrawal is the right word. There isn't a physical dependency the way that nicotine or cocaine actually chemically imbalance the body and cause painful symptoms of withdrawal.

    There are a couple different things though. One, almost all of us have a psychological compulsion around diapers. I doubt anyone would even be here if the mental drive to wear a diaper weren't so strong as to overcome all resistance.

    Second, there are developed habits. Two years ago, I didn't sleep with plushies and I had no trouble sleeping. Now I sleep with three plushies, and I feel uncomfortable if I don't have them because I've gotten used to them. But that could be broken by not sleeping with them for several days, and the level of adjustment doesn't go anywhere near physical withdrawal from addictive chemicals.

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    The only way it can be unhealthy is intentionally training yourself to be incontinent. Now I never tried intentionally but when I decided to stop cold turkey I made myself paranoid to the point that made myself psychologically depended to the point where after I quit i would hold my bladder even when empty afraid that I may wet which lead to a hernia.
    Not fun now I actually causing incontinence issues and the hernia is constantly making me feel like I have to pee even when bladder is empty. I have NF which had caused me some incontinence issues when younger but got fixed and now they're back because of this.
    So as long as you don't over due it with your fetish it's fine

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    I'm wanting everyday because if you read my profile, never worn even one.

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    When I think of withdrawal, it usually brings up negative connotations. Whatever type of lifestyle you live it better factor into your own needed lifestyle to pay the bills and function as an adult.

    I sleep like a rock generally, but I also sleep like a giant boulder in diapers. I still sleep like some sort of hunk of hardened earth regardless lol. I probably never will get this giant nagging craving like a need a cigarette. To me that's sort of an issue that cause some other related problems.

    I wear when I choose.

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