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Thread: Why do DLs like it

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    Question Why do DLs like it

    I sort of pondering why DLs like diapers. I know that coming from another DL this sound weird but most tend to say it remind them of childhood yet wouldn't you be an AB then? It just a little thing I'm curious about.

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    I guess I would say I like them because I like the way they look and I like the way they feel.Also they feel like a source of protection when I'm out walking away from home or on long bus/car journeys in case I suddenly become desperate for the loo with no loo in site.Its hard to explain exactly how I feel, but that's more or less how it is.I'm not AB nor could I ever be, but I won't judge people who are for obvious reasons.

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    I find them comfortable to wear and I like how they make me feel. I also like it when I pee in them because I find it comforting. I do also find it sexy when I think about it. But it's also part of my normal wear. What is the fun of wearing them if you don't use them?

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    I just like it, can't explain why. I've tried bottles, paci's and other stuff just to see if those appealed to me as well, but they didn't. I gave up trying to figure it out a long time ago and accepted it for what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQwertyParable View Post
    I sort of pondering why DLs like diapers. I know that coming from another DL this sound weird but most tend to say it remind them of childhood yet wouldn't you be an AB then? It just a little thing I'm curious about.

    I must say, that from all I have read over the years from different people, that it is indeed a highly individual subject and thus I don't think it will be possible to establish any kind of common origin and strong common link aside from the plain fact of liking diapers.

    To me personally for example - and I can indeed NOT speak for others in this regard - the AB aspect holds absolutely NO component of interest.
    Frankly, quite to the contrary - to me (and I NEED to emphasize the fact that this is NOT about judging others!!) the AB-idea stands for a LOT of things that I would actually never want in my own life... I love my adult life, my responsibilities and my abilities in this world as an adult and I dread the loss of even the slightest amount of control etc... I also don't feel the need to step outside of my role as an adult or feel pressured / burdened by it - quite the opposite.
    Also infantile stuff and childhood in general hold no appeal to me, for all I care childhood wasn't my favorite part of my life and I certainly hold no desire to reenact or recreate any of it in any form.

    DL Aspect... I guess - I can only assume - that my DL side was created (on a subconscious level) by the need for some sort of a coping strategy for my IC issues when I was getting into my teenage years / puberty. The beginning of my teens is probably the time I personally associate the most problems with my IC.
    By the age of 8/9 I was sensibly aware that I had a medical condition - my family (and I don't blame them) made sure of that by taking me from doctor to doctor, from trying 1000 different "solutions" to get me out of diapers etc... School was "difficult" at best too.
    When I was like 10 I was so "overloaded" with that issue that at least at night I wanted PEACE - no more odd drugg attempts with a ton of side effect - no more stupid alarms that would wake me up like 10 times at night and would rob me of all sleep but not prevent the wetting... it was that time where I basically begged my parents to get me my diapers back and just let me sleep in peace. They did ...
    And I guess from this - at least so much I do remember - started a profound association with the diapers and feeling comforted / secure and "free".
    I was able to sleep, wake up normally in the morning and the only thing that was wet, was the diaper - not the PJs or the Bed ... not that clammy wet nasty feeling, no smell, etc... it was pure bliss compared to the alternatives.
    This made me appreciate the diapers - and I guess when entering puberty I started to attach a sexual component to the object (diaper).

    Now over the years though my DL side has changed quite a bit... these days I have only a very limited sexual attachment to the diapers... it still holds a certain appeal in this regard, but it's minimal. to the point where I most often end up ignoring this aspect entirely (my SO is much much much more fun, sexually ).
    Also I never had the desire to incorporate diaper-play in my sexual relationship - it was always something "private" (I've tried - but didn't like it).

    Also I hold absolutely NO desire to be diapered by anyone else... We (my SO and myself) tried this years ago, and I was quite freaked out about it, as I felt like disabled - a feeling that I do not like... I like to be able to do things on my own, and also to me diapering is "routine" ...

    But the aspect of feeling comforted by the diaper, especially at night still is strong and I love that.

    During the day though I have little love left for diapers and would prefer not to need any such thing at all. but alas, the IC issues make me dependent on some type of protection. Although during the day I choose to deal with the issue by using pads, condom catheters and pull ups far more often then diapers (just much less hassle).
    Only for long trips, or situations where I know I can't change etc.. the diapers have their use during the day - but its rare, especially since I've found a well working condom catheter setup (so much more practical).

    Summing this up... I think my DL side is indeed different by much from what I have come to know from others.
    There has never been any AB desire for me, nor do I think that there ever will be.
    My DL Side is a highly private aspect - albeit my SO knows about it 100% - it is not something I feel like "sharing".
    On the sexual level it doesn't do much if anything at all for me these days.

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    The (weird and questionable yes I'll give you that) comfort that a nappy can give is what draws me to DLism. Comfort isn't always about or associated with childhood...that said it's annoying there isn't a word for adult non-sexual comfort...unless there is! Really clever infantilists out there - knowledge me out of this wordy problem! bringmesunshine

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    The reason why I'm just a DL is because I like the way they feel when I wear them and I just can't seem to regress while wearing them. I do have few bottles, a pacifier, and sippy cups just for fun but I don't wear diapers all the time because I only wear them when I want to. I would get bored if I tried to wear them 24/7 because I tried once and I just gave up after half a day.

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    This is an interesting question. It's where I start to wonder whether I'm a DL or a sexual AB. For me, it's all about diapers that make me feel like a baby -- babyish diapers. Comfort? Nahhh. Functionality? Meh. No. I just want to be diapered like a baby. That's what "does it" for me. That said, my own definition of "babyish" is rather specific, just as others tend to have fairly specific preferences. I'm a huge fan of cloth prefolds, as they're what I was raised in and what I saw other babies/toddlers wearing when I was a kid. In disposables, I enjoy adapting actual baby diapers -- Pampers and the like -- as it's hard to find more babyish diapers. IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQwertyParable View Post
    I sort of pondering why DLs like diapers.
    sexually stimulating or a very strong association with babyish or being protected, or a mix of them. That's about 95% of us from the various recent polls.

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