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Thread: Cute pocket style adult diapers

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    Default Cute pocket style adult diapers

    These look cute and comfy, I most certainly would like to give these a try.

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    Those look identical to the Dependeco diapers I bought a couple months back. Lovely fit and very thick/soft, but for me personally, disposables can't be beat!

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    They are very cute. I know for a fact that the seller will throw in an extra insert for ADISC members if you ask nicely

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    Yep positive, I'm the store owner! I don't use this forum to advertise because I believe it is against the rules. But seeing as you raised interest in my product, I'd be happy to discuss

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    Well what are the odds of that Lol might I say they do look amazing, I'm kinda embarrassed because 1 I don't have a ebay account and 2 I'm hard up for money right now, but if I wasn't I would jump into a pair of these like a dog on heat

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    Haha no hard sell here, I'm on adisc because I'm an ABDL not because I'm trying to sell stuff. Keep an eye on my store though. I have a variety of ABDL products which can't be found anywhere else. Very cute printed pull up cloth training pants will be available very soon!

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    I will for sure, I might have to make a ebay account some time very soon, feel free to Pm me any link's to new products, I can feel a wish list coming on Lol

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