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    I have never had any problems with wetting the bed or IC. The way I got into this fetish was, when I was younger around the age of 14 I was on the internet surfing porn and I came across an a that had a girl in red pants saying oops I pissed my pants! I dont know why but I was interested in it so I clicked on it and it was a link to a website about pants wetting I found out I really liked the pictures on there. A few days later I was pn the web again looking at pictures of girls peeing their pants and I saw a girl in a diaper! I didnt even know they made diapers that big. The site I stumbled upon that time was one depicting girls in diapers.
    For the next few weeks I could not stop thinking about diapers on women. I didnt really think about wearing a diaper until I was at my grandfathers house. I was using the bathroom when I opened the closet to get a towel to dry off my hands I noticed a package of depends maximum protection, they must have been my grandmother's unless my aunt has the same fetish as me lol. I did not take one that day but I knew they were there, for the next week I could not get it off my mind I wanted to wear a diaper. I went over my grandfather's house and hung out with everyone for a while so I wouldn't raise suspicion. Finally I went to "use the bathroom" and went directly to the closet and grabbed a diaper and shoved it in my pants to hide it. I left the bathroom and said I was going to go to the basement where I would commonly go to play video games. There is another bathroom in the basement so I went in there and stripped my pants and underwear off, unfolded the diaper and taped it as tightly as I could (i'm much better at it now) and I was in heaven I loved every second of it, love the crinkle, the softness, and most of all a major turn-on for me! So I hung around in my diaper and walked made it crinkle. I decided to pee in it, just something else I absolutely loved. I covered up since I was not exactly in private meaning someone could come down at anytime. However my aunt came downstairs and I was playing videogames in a soaked diaper she had no idea I was wearing a diaper, it was a thrill for my first time in diapers. I have been in diapers ever since not 24/7 but when ever im not working or hanging out with friends my behind is diapered! ;-)
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    Hi Frank! Welcome! I see you've already been working the threads. That was a great introduction too. Have you ever written any stories before?

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    No this is my first site I ever posted on.. its my experience the way I remember it..

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    What I meant was you told your story (which I do believe!) very well. We have a story section here on ADISC and I was just wondering if you have done any story writing or may be interested in that?

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    I could give it a try.. thanks for the complement!

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