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Thread: How Hot is It Where You Are?

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    Default How Hot is It Where You Are?

    Okay, it seems like only a few months ago when we had a thread titled "How Cold is it Where You Are?"

    I went for my run today and it was 30 degrees with a humidex of 35.

    I recall when it was minus 30 I told myself I would never bitch about it being too hot again, but damn, you feel it when you're on a six mile run. On the plus side, I'm training for a half marathon and I feel like I'm running better than I have in twenty years, in spite of the heat.

    Anyway, how's the weather where you are and how are you coping with it?

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    About 22deg C today was 26deg C on Tuesday and I live on the English south coast

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    Just cracked 93° F (34° C)
    49% Humidity
    70° F Dew point
    29.96 Air pressure (in inches of Mercury)
    Winds at about 12 MPH

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    Here in North Texas it's 94 degrees F with South winds between 20 to 30 mph and 42% humidity.

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    In southern Rhode Island it is 73 degrees Fahrenheit (22 Celsius) with a humidity of 52% with 9 mph (14 km) winds. So it's pretty nice.

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    It's about 30ēC inside our flat at the moment, and it's been up to at least 35ēC in the last week - much too hot for me!

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    106F/41C in the desert. We had a cold front come through on Friday

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    92 F in New Hampshire US very humid!!!! I find it easier to warm up at -25 in the winter then to cool of in the high humidity!!

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