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Thread: first foray in the dl community

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    Default first foray in the dl community

    been into diapers since i was in my early teens. this i the first time i've joined any ab/dl site. I'm basically a world class lurker! love to read and see how others share this particular interest.

    my other obsession is a small furry nocturnal animal - sugar gliders!
    if reincarnation is actually what happens when we pass on i would love to come back as a sugar glider!!!

    anyways hi y'all!!

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    Default "I'm a Talkin', Flyin', Diapered Rabbit!"

    Hi, Borya. Welcome to ADISC.

    I believe in reincarnation and have multiple-personalities, so I'm coming back as 12 people!

    Sugar-gliders are certainly cool, Personally, I am quite fond of the Pine Martin, but they, being predominantly a carnivore and predator, he could shorten the life of a rabbit or sugar-glider, diapered or otherwise. A sugar-glider; a kind of gliding opossum is similar to another escape artist, the flying squirrel (my favorite example is Rocky J. Squirrel), On the other hand, (if they were native to North America) the sugar-glider might be as frustrating meal for the pine martin.

    For readers wanting to know a little more about the Sugar-Glider:

    For a Lurker, you've made a good start at an intro. Take a look at the cheat sheet for writing a great intro, so we can get to know a little more about you.

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    i saw the the cheat sheet, but i'm not sure how much i want to share right now. this is a big step for me.

    just had to look up the pine marten - they look like little foxes, how neat!

    - - - Updated - - -

    i'll add that i have written a DL furry story a very long time ago , never finished it. life got too busy, maybe i'll finish it.

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