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Thread: Whats the difference?

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    Question Whats the difference?

    Whats the difference between PVC snap-on non-see through plastic pants and pull-up see through plastic pants? I don't see much a difference.

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    I think snap-on pants are easier to use than pull-up pants if the wearer has limited mobility. As far as I'm aware the actual material they're made from shouldn't be particularly different.

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    Pull-on plastic pants are better for night when sleeping if one sleeps on their side or moves around in bed. Snap-on pants are easier to change during the day if necessary without taking one's jeans off. Snap-on pants sometimes leak on the sides when one is laying down, but not so much when one is standing or moving around.

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    Also keep in mind that the snaps can really dig spots in your skin... depending on the design it can be quite "irritating" (bad childhood memories)

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    For some the sound of plastic pant snaps reminds them of their youth.

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