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    Hello Guys,

    Just going off of the sticky, I'll try to introduce myself.
    This is the first ABDL site I've ever joined and I'm not sure what brought me here. Of course I am a diaper lover, but I can't really tell what made me chose this as my social diaper site. I suppose I like how caring everyone seems to be. I'm fairly new to expressing my DL side since I waited till I moved out to start. I am loving it though and only wish my roommates were gone more often so I could play in diapers more. Ah well...
    Anywho, because I'm not just a thing in diapers, I'll say a bit more. I'm a student. But that's boring so I try to play as much soccer and go running as much as possible to have some fun. Yes, I find running fun. It really is addicting if you give it a try . Oh, and FIFA basically runs my life.
    I suppose that's all from me. I've been tentative to really immerse myself in the site, but I'm sure that'll change over time. I'm pretty excited to get to know this awesome site.

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    Glad you came here! Everyone here is SUPER nice (I have yet to meet anyone I dont like) and I'm sure you'll fit right in!
    Running IS fun glad someone else realizes that. Haaavee you ever run competitively? (I.E marathon, 5k) ooorrr run in diapers? (that one can be ROUGH, especially if you're wet and you're going more than 3 miles).
    Also, I bet there are a TON of people on here that play FIFA, wonder if you could share gamertags/whatever playstation people call their usernames. I, unfortunately, don't own a copy...but I get out and play as much as I can as well!


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    Thanks for the reply!
    I have never run competitively but hope to compete in a marathon in the next few years and then do ultrarunning (50+ miles). I've never ran in diapers and can only imagine the chafing

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    welcome from another runner,

    I would certainly advise against running in diapers. That way lies more chaffing than I think you can handle! I can certainly recommend running competitively. If you think that running is addictive, just wait until you cross the finish line on your first race. I have never experienced anything like it!

    You should find people here are pretty chilled out and helpful.


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    Running in diapers is best avoided if at all possible!! O.O

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