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Thread: Highback PUL---Found!

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    Default Highback PUL---Found!

    For those seekers, out there, for highjack PUL plastic pants, I just found this thread in - View topic - Where do I find highback PUL pants?
    Which includes a reference to:
    Adult Cloth Diapers and Plastic Pants by Angel Fluff Diaper Company Supplier of Adult Cloth Diapers and Plastic Pants

    Anglefluff offers PUL pants with a highjack option. They are custom and so cost about half again as much as regular PUL pants do and have a relatively long lead time (the man says up to 16wks Cloyd). They look like they may be better constructed than the usual Gary pants---they have 1 in wide elastic, for one thing.

    Once I get them, I'll post a follow-up with my review.

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    I should also note that I have had pretty good success with a larger pair (large r/t medium) that I tightened up the leg and waist elastic by sticking a tuck into each.

    But if these turn out to be good, I'll use them exclusively. PUL lasts forever (but not for ever and ever), so price is not really an issue.

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    Great find. It will be interesting to see if other companies start carrying them as well.

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    Default They're here, they're real

    These have arrived (3 days turnaround, order to delivery!! Don't think I've ever gotten any diaper related order that quickly.)

    They are Gary PUL Mediums, except that the side length (leg opening to waist) is almost 5" longer. In other words, they are exactly what I (and some of you) have been searching for over the last few years.

    Since they are manufactured by Gary, any of the suppliers of Gary pants ought to be able to carry them, but only Angelfluff does.

    Kudos Angelfluff. (To keep this from turning into an ad, I direct your attention to my original post in this thread for their contact information.)

    Here are rough measurements of Gary Medium, Gary Large (modified with tucks in the legs and waist), Gary Medium Highback and Driware/Fetware Medium Highback Urethane.
    The measurements are (very) approximate---accuracy is guaranteed to be less than the half-inch precision of the numbers.
    • Gary PUL Medium (well used)
      • Leg -> waist: 9in
      • Waist: 13in
      • Leg: 9in
      • Crotch: 13in
    • Gary PUL Large (used/modified)
      • Leg -> waist: 11in
      • Waist: ?
      • Leg: ?
      • Crotch: 13in

    • Gary PUL Medium Highback (new)
      • Leg -> waist: 13.5in
      • Waist: 12.5in
      • Leg: 8.5in
      • Crotch: 13in

    • Driware/Fetware Urethane Medium Highback (well used)
      • Leg -> waist: 13.5in
      • Waist: 12.5in
      • Leg: 9in
      • Crotch: 13in

    The short version of the message is: if Gary PUL medium fit you except for needing highbacks at night, and if Driware/Fetware urethane highbacks work for nights, then these are what you are looking for.

    I've uploaded some pics, not very clear but enough to give you an idea for comparison to an album. The top in left the first picture are Gary medium, the top right Gary Large (you may be able to see the tucks I took in the elastics), the bottom left Gary medium HB and the bottom right Driware/Fetware medium HB. The pictures following that are
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