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    So, I was wondering how everyone feels about becoming a parent for the first time, or how it was to be a first time parent to an ACTUAL child (such as real age is under 12). I want o become a parent of a small child when I am older and have a steady and good paying job. I also want to adopt and NOT have a child of my own blood, for one fact only... That fact being I have a lot of medical problems and I sure as heck wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, not alone "reproduce" and have my own son/daughter have this accursed life. I have actually talked to my dad about not having a kid of my own, but to adopt. I told him the reason and he totally understood and told me I would make a foster child really happy and proud for them to call me their father.

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    My wife and I struggled for the last 5 years wanting kids. We eventually turned to Foster care, and became foster parents. 2 years later, we adopted a sibling group we were fostering. It has been the most rewarding, hair loosing experience of our lives, and at no point have ever regretted it. The children have been fully accepted into open arms into both my side, and my wife's side of the family. No one sees them other than our children.

    There is no greater feeling, when your four year old daughter after 9 months of being their foster parent, for the first time gives you a hug and says for the first time "I love you Daddy". Before that day, she did not trust any male, and refused to be in a room without either her brother, or another woman.

    Two thumbs up if you become a foster parent. It will be gut wrenching, painful, soul tearing, and one of the most rewarding things you can do. Just remember, the goal of being a foster parent is not to Adopt, but prepare the children & parent for re-unification. Adoption from foster care only comes when the courts have deemed the parents unfit, and the relatives either unfit or unable to adopt. In our case, the parents had a choice of relinquishing the rights of the children, or go get their rights removed and go to Jail. Their family were deemed unfit to care for the children.

    No mater what happens, the children you foster will be eternally grateful for you.

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    That's really sweet. I want to adopt in the future. I also want to give birth to children as well. My parent adopted my sister three years ago and she has everyone wrapped around her finger. Me and my brother are biological children of my parent but my sister is a gift from god to us.

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