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    Hi everyone,

    I'm back after a long time not visiting. A lot has changed since then so I thought would be nice to just reintroduce myself.

    I'm a 30 yr old guy with a regular day job. Outside of that I also enjoy regular diaper discipline. I'm not really an adult baby but I like the idea of being made to wear diapers as a punishment for wettting the bed. I have a long distance caretaker who I visit sometimes and who during the week oversees my diaper use by email.

    After a long period of being ashamed and trying to keep it under wraps I've now decided to just let it go and enjoy it. Since a few months I wear diapers at home more often than not. At night during the week and often the entire day during the weekend. I am under a bit of punishment now so my caretaker has decided I should be diapered all weekend and has imposed an early bedtime on me. Our relationship is mostly play but I've known my caretaker for a long time so there is a lot of trust.

    I would love to come in contact with like minded boys and girls, to just hangout, chat and share experiences with diapers and/or being little. So don't be afraid to ask anything or drop me message!

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    Oh right so I'm supposed to tell something about my normal self too.. I have aspergers but I get away with it mostly. I work as a kind of team leader, in an IT company but actually studied to be a film director.

    Big music and film buff and very interested in geopolitics, history and philosophy. I love travelling and have already visited quite a lot of countries considering I never had any money. Now that I do, its going to be a lot more. Last destination was Thailand and I absolutely loved it there. I could picture myself living there.

    At home I like to cook and have friends over for drinks. I go to occasional club or party to zone out and do a lot of the normal boring things we all have to do, like groceries.

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